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Hatchet III quotes

Hatchet III - timeline

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Elliott and Adrianne break up. (New Orleans, Louisiana)


Schneiderman starts living in New Orleans. (New Orleans, Louisiana)


Amanda tells Sampson Dunston that he must deliver the remains of Thomas Crowley to his son Victor Crowley. Sampson's response: "Go fuck yourself." (New Orleans, Louisiana)


January: Dougherty transfers from an Arizona sheriff department. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Monday 4th February: Mardi Gras Week begins. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Friday 8th February: Mardi Gras Week ends. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Saturday 9th February: Parade begins. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Sunday 10th February: Parade ends. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Tuesday 12th February: Fat Tuesday. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Tuesday 12th February: Marybeth Dunston survives Victor Crowley as his body is chainsawed. She is put in a jail cell and meets Victor Crowley expert Amanda, ex-wife of Sheriff Fowler. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Wednesday 13th February: Marybeth Dunston takes Amanda's advice to deliver the ashes of Thomas Crowley, which had been in the possession of his nephew Abbott McMullen, to his son Victor Crowley. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

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