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February: Sonny Koufax is born. (Manhattan)


Tommy Shaw pulls Sonny onstage at a Styx concert and lets him do the voice of Mr. Roboto... or not. (Manhattan)


Nazo starts delivering food to Sonny Koufax. (Manhattan, New York)

October: Kevin Gerrity meets a woman at Hooters. (Toronto)


Friday 15th July: Julian McGrath is born. (Toronto)


Sonny Koufax files for social security. (Manhattan, New York)


October: Big Daddy. (Manhattan)

October: Sonny Koufax adopts Julian McGrath. (Manhattan)

Sunday 31st October: Sonny takes Julian trick-or-treating. (Manhattan)

November: Kevin Gerrity gets custody of his son Julian. (Manhattan)


February: Sonny Koufax's surprise birthday party at Hooter's, where Vanessa works. (Manhattan, New York)

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