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An accountant pays the Balboas' income taxes. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Rocky Balboa loses his fortune and moves back to his lower class Philadelphia neighborhood, where he trains upcoming fighter Tommy Gunn and manages him through 22 victories in one year.

Mickey Goldmill's gymnasium is willed to Rocky Balboa Jr. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


January: Rocky and his family become bankrupt. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Sunday 25th December: The Balboas have a good time on Christmas. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Monday 25th December: Tommy Gunn tells Rocky that he doesn't want to work with him anymore. Rocky reconciles with his son. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)


Rocky Balboa returns from Russia and has a street fight with Tommy Gunn.

Monday 1st January: After winning the heavyweight title by knocking out Union Cane, Tommy "The Machine" Gunn fights Rocky outside of a bar and loses. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Tuesday 2nd January: Rocky and his son Robert go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky gives him Marciano's cuff link. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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