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The first year in the Time Continuim.


Men delivering gold are killed by a futuristic machine gun; their cargo mysteriously disappears.


Somebody tries to get a jump on the real-estate boom. (Beverly Hills, CA)


Wednesday 30th October: Lyle Atwood and an unknown man jump from a Wall St skyscraper. They vanish, before Lyle reappears and lands on a car, dead.


Saddam Husein doesn't finance a trip to this year.


Nixon wins by a landslide.


Tuesday 10th October: Sarah Fielding is born. (Colorado)


A noise is heard outside of Camp David.


Time Enforcement Commission formed to regulate time-travel; Max Walker's wife dies, or she doesn't & Senator McComb disappears, depending on the timeline.

Wednesday 15th June: Max videotapes Melissa trying to build a birdhouse. (Washington DC)

Sunday 9th October: Walker and Fielding time travel to this date to get McComb. (Washington DC)

Monday 10th October: Sarah Fielding has sex with Bobby Morgan after her 16th birthday party. (Colorado)


Max Walker brings Lyle Atwood from 1924 to sentence him, or Max returns to find TEC shut down, or Max returns to find his wife alive, timeline-dependent.

Saturday 30th October: Atwood takes a newspaper and goes back in time.

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