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Thursday 19th November: Swan makes a deal with the devil that keeps him looking young for the next twenty years.


June: Producer Swan steals Winslow Leach and has his minions beat him up and frame him for drug dealing. (New York City)

Tuesday 3rd December: Winslow Leach assaults a guard and escapes from Sing Sing. After vandalizing Death Records, Leach is shot by a security guard. Fleeing police he leaps into the East River. His body is not recovered. (New York City)

Wednesday 4th December: Variety headline: "PARADISE GATES OPEN."

Monday 9th December: Winslow Leach composes music for Swan. (New York City)

Wednesday 11th December: Winslow continues composing music. (New York City)

Thursday 12th December: Swan announces to the media that Leach's music will be performed by Beef. Leach is almost finished composing. (New York City)

Friday 13th December: Swan has Winslow Leach sealedup, but he escapes and kills Beef so that Phoenix can sing his music. (New York City)

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