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Paul Stallberg is born.


Mark Rodriguez is born.


Steven Sing is born.


Two strangers, Adam and Dr Lawrence Gordon, wake up in a dirty bathroom at the hand of serial killer John Kramer.

April: Paul Stallberg is placed in a Razor-Wire Maze in a basement because he slashed his wrists a month earlier.

May: Paul Stallberg's body is found by Detectives Allison Kerry, David Tapp, and Steven Sing. Because of the puzzle-piece-shaped cut on Paul's body, the media starts referring to the "serial killer" as "The Jigsaw Killer".

May: Mark Rodriguez is burned in a room. His body is found by Kerry, Tapp, and Sing later. They find Dr Lawrence Gordon's penlight in the room.

May: Amanda Young is unlocks the "Reverse Bear-Trap" by getting the key out of a man's stomach.

May: Dr Lawrence Gordon is suspected of being "The Jigsaw Killer". He listens to Amanda Young's story of how she escaped her trap.

May: Detectives David Tapp and Steven Sing find Jigsaw's lair and save an old man named Jeff. Tapp is slashed in the neck, Sing is killed by a trap, and Jigsaw escapes.

May: David Tapp is discharged from the force.

October: An insane Lawrence saws his foot off and shootss Adam in the shoulder. Lawrence's family survives, Zep kills Tapp, and Adam kills Zep. After Lawrence crawls out of the bathroom, Jigsaw/John Kramer leaves Adam inside.

October: Adam Faulkner and Dr.Lawrence Gordon are kidnapped and wake up in a bathroom with a body in the middle of the room floor. Zep Hindle watches their tests while keeping Lawrence's wife and daughter hostage.


October: A documentary called Full Disclosure Report: Piecing Together Jigsaw is airs on TV.

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