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5th November: Guy Fawkes attempts to blow up the Houses of Parliament. (London)

5th November: Gunpower Plot is foiled. (London, Eng.)


31st January: Guy Fawkes is hung, drawn and quartered. (London)


Future freedom fighter Evey born.

Tuesday 24th December: Future freedom fighter Evey born.


Nuclear war causes a fascist regime to take control of England.


Evey plays Viola in Twelfth Night.


Evey's political activist parents are killed.


Tuesday 23rd May: Social deviants and captured political dissidents for experiments to create a virus to pose as a bio-terrorist attack. (Larkhill Detention Centre)

Friday 18th August: 75% of the captured subjects for the faked bio-terrorist attack experiment are dead thanks to the virus they have been given. (Larkhill Detention Centre)

Monday 18th September: 'V' is the only escapee from the viral experiment - the rest are all dead. (Larkhill Detention Centre)


Evey falls in love with a girl named Christina. Her parents are angered when she comes out to them.


Wednesday 5th November: The Old Bailey is blown up by V.

Thursday 6th November: British media reports that the Old Bailey was razed in order to make room for a new structure. (London)


The corrupt Houses of Parliament fall victim to a terrorist attack. (London)


Saturday 5th November: V destroys Larkhill Detention Centre. (Larkhill Detention Centre)


July: Father Lilliman becomes Bishop.

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