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Wednesday 1st November: A new check-out girl, Amy, is checked out by fellow tiller Vince and box-boy Zack. (Super Club superstore)

Saturday 4th November: Vince wins a gold star for cleaning up a spill. (Super Club superstore)

Sunday 5th November: Vince wins a gold star when he finds a lost boy in the store by wrestling him to the groun. (Super Club superstore)

Sunday 12th November: Box-boy Zack gets his first gold star ever. (Super Club superstore)

Monday 13th November: Zack receives his 2nd star when he helps out on tills during a surprise audit. (Super Club superstore)

Wednesday 29th November: Vince is forced to sell his car for (Super Club superstore)

Friday 1st December: Zack is awarded Employee of the Month when Vince is found to have been giving away stock. (Super Club superstore)

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