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Billy Edward Lenz is born with a rare medical condition that gives him yellow skin.

Thursday 24th December: Billy Edward Lenz has his first Christmas. His mother hates him and crushes an ornament to pieces by him.


Saturday 9th February: Leigh Crosby is born.


Thursday 17th July: The date on a picture of the Apollo-Soyuz U.S.-Soviet Space Link-up.

Wednesday 24th December: Mrs. Lenz kills her husband. She and her new boyfriend bury him in an underground crawlspace under the house. Billy, having witnessed this, is locked in the attic.


Friday 24th December: Billy is raped by his mother when her lover is impotent.


September: Agnes Lenz is born.


Leigh's half-sister Claire Crosby is born.


Tuesday 24th December: Billy disfigures Agnes and kills his mother and her new husband. He makes cookies out of his mother's flesh.

Wednesday 25th December: Billy Lenz is sent to a mental asylum.


Barbara MacHenry is a Delta Alpha Kappa housemother. Leigh Crosby is in the sorority.

Monday 18th January: Leigh Colvin's ID is issued. (Manchester, New Hampshire)


Leigh Crosny leaves Delta Alpha Kappa.


Sunday 24th December: Billy Lenz escapes the mental asylum and kills former Delta Alpha Kappa sorority girls with the help of Agnes.

Monday 25th December: Survivors Kelly Presley and Leigh Colvin are taken to a hospital. Agnes stabs Leigh in the neck, killing her. Kelly kills Agnes with a defibrillator and pushes Billy downstairs, where he is impaled on the tip of a Christmas tree.


Leigh's divorce is finalized.

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