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Saturday 5th February: Hans Akkermans is arrested by the Gestapo and makes a deal with them to turn in rich Jewish families to them. (Holland)

Saturday 23rd September: Hans Akkermans performs an operation on young Max Stein as an emergency before he and his family escape for Belgium. (Holland)

Sunday 24th September: Rachel Stein's hiding-place is bombed, and she escapes to a greenhouse with a local Dutch sailor. (Holland)

Monday 25th September: The Stein family and many other rich Jewish families try to attempt on a boat to Belgium, but are intercepted by a Nazi boat - only Rachel Stein survives. (Holland)


February: Rachel Stein becomes Ellis de Vries and works for the resistance as a spy in Gestapo HQ. (Holland)

Thursday 19th April: SS Officer Ludwig Muntze is arrested for negotiating with terrorists and sent for execution. (Holland)

Friday 20th April: The Dutch Resistance break into Gestapo HQ for a rescue attempt, but it is a set-up and most are killed. (Holland)

Saturday 21st April: Ellis de Vriers is arrested as a spy by SS Officer Franken - she and Franken's former boss Ludwig Muntze escape to a locally moored boat. (Holland)

Saturday 5th May: The German forces in the Netherlands surrender; Eliss de Vries and Ludwig Muntze face an uncertain future as they are sought as Nazis; SS Officer Franken tries to escape to Hamburg on a boat filled with stolen Jewish loot. (Holland)


October: While holidaying, Ronnie and her Canadian husband bump into old colleague Rachel Stein - now a teacher on a kibbutz. (Israel)

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