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Ben Stone is born. (Vancouver, British Columbia)


A postal truck runs over Ben Stone while he's in high school. He gets a settlement. (Vancouver, British Columbia)


October: Ben, Jason, Jay, Jonah, and Martin start contructing a website called Flesh of the Stars. (California)

Friday 23rd December: Munich comes out in theaters.


October: Alison Scott gets an on-air role with E! Entertainment Television and has a one-night stand with Ben Stone. (California)

December: Alison finds out that she's eight weeks pregnant and tells Ben. (California)


Ben Stone gets Allison Scott pregnant. (California)

February: Ben proposes to Alison but she decides that they're not ready for marriage. (California)

Saturday 3rd February: Debbie buys a crib for Alison and Ben. (California)

March: Flesh of the Stars does or doesn't go online.

April: An earthquake happens after Ben and Alison double-date with Peter and Debbie. (Northridge, California)

May: Debbie finds out that Peter has been hanging out with his friends and making a fantasy baseball draft. (California)

May: Ben and Peter get high off of mushrooms and go to Cirque du Soleil. (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Friday 4th May: Spider-Man 3 is released.

Wednesday 9th May: Peter tells Debbie that he's seeing a band but actually sees Spider-Man 3. (California)

June: E! does a maternity month.

July: Allison gives birth to a baby girl. (California)

July: Dr. Howard attends a Bar Mitzvah. (San Francisco, California)

July: Ben, Alison, and their daughter move into an apartment. (East Los Angeles, California)


By this year, Ben's settlement ends.

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