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Wednesday 1st May: Albert Hirsch is born.


Monday 9th January: Future secret service chief Ward Abbott is born.


Saturday 12th May: Neil Daniels is born.


Sunday 13th September: Jason Bourne is bourne. And is born.


Wednesday 28th March: Future CIA operative Nicky Parsons is born.


Saturday 4th January: Jason Bourne joins the CIA.


Jason Bourne terminates men.

Friday 14th May: Jason Bourne starts depriving himself of sleep.

Saturday 15th May: Jason Bourne continues depriving himself of sleep.

Sunday 16th May: Jason Bourne submits to "Tank" treatment.

Monday 17th May: Jason Bourne resubmits to "Tank" treatment.

Tuesday 18th May: Jason Bourne uses sensory enhancing drugs.

Tuesday 1st June: Jason Bourne is inducted into the CIA.

Wednesday 2nd June: Treadstone writes Jason Bourne's induction report.


Jason Bourne becomes an assassin.

Sunday 10th November: Treadstone Bourne Operational History report is made.


Jason Bourne starts running.

Robert Golding is terminated.


Monday 3rd January: Maxwell Mart is terminated.


November: Jason Bourne hides out in Russia.


Monday 8th January: Jason Bourne is in Turin. (Italy)

Tuesday 9th January: Journalist Simon Ross is murdered at Waterloo station, despite efforts by Jason Bourne to prevent it. (London)

Wednesday 10th January: Jason Bourne meets Nikki in Madrid. (Spain)

Thursday 11th January: Neil Daniels is killed by a hitman; the hitman is killed by Jason Bourne. (Tangier)

Friday 12th January: Pamela Landy's phone is tapped, and her conversation with Jason Bourne is monitored. Bourne flees from the CIA by jumping off of a roof and into water. (New York City)

Monday 15th January: After a three-day search, Jason Bourne has still not been found.

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