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Sunday 13th July: Leland "Buzz" Meeks is born. (Los Angeles, California)


'Accentuate The Positive' recorded.


'When Worlds Collide' premieres.


The new LAPD facility begins construction at the Parker Center. (Los Angeles, CA)

Wednesday 24th December: Members of the LAPD get into a brawl with a gang of Mexicans that assaulted two officers and the incident is caught by the press and labeled "Bloody Christmas". (Los Angeles, California)


LAPD's 'Bloody Christmas'; 'My Funny Valentine' recorded by Chet Baker, and 'The Christmas Blues' by Dean Martin; 'Roman Holiday' in cinemas. (Los Angeles)

Friday 16th January: Tony Brancato and Anthony Trombino are machine gunned down in a car. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 21st January: Deuce Perkins, Mickey Cohen's drug lieutenant and associate are machine gunned down in his Brentwood home. (Los Angeles, California)

Monday 26th January: 3 Nite Owl Killers, 1 Officer Slain in Bunker Hill Shootout. (Los Angeles, California)


The Parker Center begins as the new LAPD facility; 'How Important Can It Be?' released by Joni James.


Lana Turner meets Johnny Stompanato. (Los Angeles)


Friday 4th April: Johnny Stompanato stabbed by Lana Turner's 14 year-old daughter on Academy Awards night, as Lana is nominated for Peyton Place. (Los Angeles)


'How Important Can It Be?' recorded by Wanda Jackson.

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