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Baltimore is founded.


Kristen Sykes is born. (Los Angeles, California)


Richard, son of Susan and Sam Francisco, is born.


An alien slave ship lands, crewed by a genetically-engineered race adapted for hard labor in almost any environment. The Newcomers are placed under temporary quarantine by the United States government. (Mojave Desert, California)

Tuesday 29th November: Joshua Strader is released.

Wednesday 30th November: Warren Hubley is released.

December: Warren Hubley is relocated. (Riverside County, California)

December: Joshua Strader is relocated. (Los Angeles, California)

December: Cecil Porter is relocated. (Modesto, California)

Thursday 1st December: Cecil Porter is released.


February: Warren Hubley is relocated. (Los Angeles, California)

February: Joshua Strader is relocated to Manager Encounters Club. (Los Angeles, California)

June: Cecil Porter is relocated. (Coalinga, California)


April: Cecil Porter is relocated. (Los Angeles, California)


The US government release the Newcomers from quarantine, and the aliens begin living among the Human population. Detective Sergeant Matthew Sykes, with Samuel "George" Francisco--LA's first Newcomer detective--stop another Newcomer, William Harcourt, from selling a powerful and highly-addictive drug to the other Newcomers. (Los Angeles, California)

Sunday 3rd November: Newcomer Warren Hubley is murdered. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 5th November: Newcomer Cecil Porter and Detective Bill Tuggle are shot to death by newcomers. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 6th November: Detective Matthew Sykes is paired with newcomer Detective Sam "George" Francisco to investigate the murders of Hubley and Porter. (Los Angeles, California)

Thursday 7th November: Francisco and Sykes continue their investigation. (Los Angeles, California)

Friday 8th November: Joshua Strader dies. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 9th November: Francisco and Sykes defeat William Harcourt, who dies. (Los Angeles, California)

Sunday 10th November: Matthew Sykes' daughter Kristen gets married. (Los Angeles, California)

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