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Tuesday 26th May: Elizabeth, future wife of Jackson Lamb and future mother of their son Joseph Lamb, is born. (Lillian, Ohio)


An extraterrestrial crashes on Earth.


Monday 8th April: Dr. Woodward makes a psychic connection with the extraterrestrial when it touches him. It wants to rebuild its ship.


Saturday 11th December: An accident takes place at Lillian Steel Corporation. (Lillian, Ohio)


A car salesman does not help Louis Dainard with financing. (Lillian, Ohio)


Saturday 3rd February: Elizabeth Lamb is killed in an accident at the Lillian Steel Plant. (Lillian, Ohio)

Sunday 4th February: Joe Lamb is upset over his mother's death. His friends wonder if he will still work on a movie with them. His father, Deputy Jack Lamb, arrests Louis Dainard, who feels guilty about not showing up to work the previous day and having his shift taken by Elizabeth. (Lillian, Ohio)

June: Joe Lamb, Charles Kaznyk, Alice Dainard, Cary, Preston, and Martin film a short film about zombies called The Case and witness a train crashing into a truck. An alien escapes from the train and tries to repair its ship so that it can get home. (Lillian, Ohio)

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