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Tuesday 16th May: Machete is born. (Juarez, Mexico)


Rogelio Torrez kills Machete's wife and daughter. (Mexico)


January: One of Booth's operations is screwed up by his daughter April. (Mexico)

Tuesday 30th June: Sartana Rivera starts surveillance of Operation: Network. (Mexico)

Tuesday 7th July: Padre records Michael Booth's confession at 8:23 A.M. (Mexico)

Wednesday 22nd July: Senator McLaughlin murders an illegal immigrant from Mexico and it is videotaped. (Somewhere Along the Texas and Mexico Border)

Thursday 23rd July: Michael Booth offers machete $150,000 to kill Senator McLaughlin. (Mexico)

Friday 24th July: Machete is double-crossed by one of Booth's henchmen when he tries to kill McLaughlin. Machete is taken to a hospital. He is picked up by Luz and meets Sartana Rivera. He also speaks to his brother, a priest known as Padre. (Mexico)

Saturday 25th July: Padre is crucified. Mexican immigrants rise up against border vigilantes. McLaughlin is killed by the border when he is mistaken for an immigrant. (Mexico)

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