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A morning news program called Daybreak begins airing on television. (New York City)


Mike Pomeroy starts working as a TV news journalist around this time.


Becky Fuller is born.


Becky's mom believes that her dream of working on the news is adorable.


Becky's mom believes that her dream of working on the news is inspiring.


Octuplets are born. (New York City)


3-year-old octuplets throw up on Daybreak host Colleen Peck. (New York City)


March: Becky Fuller, recently fired from Good Morning New Jersey, becomes the executive producer of Daybreak. She fires co-host Paul McVee and convinces veteran TV journalist Mike Pomeroy to take his place. Becky starts dating Adam Bennett. (New York City)

April: Jerry Barnes tells Becky Fuller that Daybreak may get canceled unless she boosts ratings. (New York City)

May: Daybreak is not canceled since ratings are higher. (New York City)

June: Becky Fuller, having turned down a job as a producer on The Today Show, continues working as a producer on Daybreak. (New York City)

September: Mike Pomeroy's contract could have been terminated if he did not appear on the air again by this time. (New York City)


Daybreak's comfortable year ends, but it may have more. (New York City)


Mike Pomeroy's contract expires. (New York City)

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