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The Adjustment Bureau step back to see what humans can do with free will.


Sunday 23rd April: Adrian Franklin is born.


David Norris is born. (Brooklyn, New York)


Friday 11th November: Elise Sallas is born.


David Norris' mother and brother die. (Brooklyn, New York)


David stops getting detention in sixth grade after his mother and his brother die. His father gets him interested in politics. (Brooklyn, New York)


By the time David Norris enters high school, his father is dead. (Brooklyn, New York)


David Norris graduates from college.


David Norris makes a cover story for GQ called "Youngest Congressman Ever." (New York City)

Wednesday 4th November: David Norris is arrested for having a bar fight after becoming congressman. (New York City)

Thursday 5th November: DAILY NEWS headline: "NEW CONGRESSMAN CELEBRATES VICTORY... WITH BAR BRAWL." (New York City)


The plan changes and it is believed by the Adjustment Bureau that Elise Sallas should stay with Adrian and not end up with David Norris.


Monday 6th November: As he loses the election for New York Senate, David Norris meets a woman named Elise Sellas in a men's restroom. (New York City)

Tuesday 7th November: David Norris loses the election, but his concession speech inspires others. (New York City)

December: David Norris sees Elise again before meeting the Adjustment Bureau, who tell him that he cannot see her again. (New York City)


Wednesday 7th October: Elise and her boyfriend Adrian get a marriage license application.

November: David finds Elise and they spend the night together. He leaves her when the Adjustment Bureau tells him that her dance career is about to take off. (New York City)


David Norris is predicted to be the frontrunner in the 2010 election due to his concession speech. (New York)

September: David Norris gets a lead in the senate race. (New York)

October: David shows Elise what the Adjustment Bureau does. The Chairman revises the plan, and David and Elise end up together. (New York City)

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