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Dale is born. (West Virginia)


Monday 28th May: The Memorial Day Massacre. A woman is raped and impregnated by the murderer. She survives. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia)

Saturday 14th July: The Memorial Day Murderer is found. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia)

Sunday 15th July: West Virginia Journal headline: MEMORIAL DAY MURDERER FOUND (West Virginia)


Monday 4th February: Chad is born around this time. His mother had been put in a mental institution. (West Virginia)


Friday 28th May: A group of college students go camping in the woods. They mistake hillbillies Tucker and Dale for kidnappers when they save one of their own, Allison, from drowning while she was unconscious. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia)

Saturday 29th May: Allison's friends accidentally kill themselves while trying to kill Tucker and Dale, whom they believe are murderers, at their vacation home. Chad reveals that his mother survived the Memorial Day Massacre, which explains why he hates hillbillies. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia)

Sunday 30th May: Dale saves Allison from Chad. They find the West Virginia Journal article that makes them realize that the Memorial Day Murderer was Chad's father, making him a hillbilly. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia)

Monday 31st May: A news reporter and her camera operator investigate the building where Chad was last seen and are attacked and killed by him. (Appalachian Mountains, West Virginia)

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