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A female chimpanzee who will one day be known as Bright Eyes is born. (Africa)


A chimpanzee later named Koba is born.


Sunday 22nd May: San Francisco Board of Education grants Certificate of Appreciation to music teacher Charles Rodman. (San Francisco, CA)

November: Will Rodman works on a potential cure for Alzheimer's disease around this time. (San Francisco, CA)


Steven Jacobs starts running Gen-Sys around this time. (San Francisco, CA)


March: A chimpanzee who will become known as Bright Eyes is captured. She is pregnant with her and her mate Alpha's baby. (Africa)

Thursday 10th March: Bright Eyes' treatment at Gen-Sys begins. (San Francisco, CA)

May: Bright Eyes gives birth. She breaks out of her cell and is shot during Will Rodman's presentation regarding ALZ-112. Chimp handler Robert Franklin gives her son to Will, who take him home and names him Caesar. (San Francisco, CA)


November: Caesar is able to sign twenty words. (San Francisco, CA)


May: Caesar works on puzzles and models designed for people ages eight and up. (San Francisco, CA)


May: Will uses ALZ-112 on his father Charles after he attempts suicide. He no longer appears to be suffering from Alzheimer's disease. (San Francisco, CA)


A year on a license plate. (San Francisco, CA)


Caesar's IQ doubles over the next year. (San Francisco, CA)


Caesar gives the ALZ-113 to apes and leads them across the Golden Gate Bridge to the redwood forests. (San Francisco, CA)

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