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A building that later becomes the Five Points Trinity Church is made. (Dallas, Texas)


Around this time, additions are built without any permits on the original structure of the building that becomes Five Point Trinity Church. (Dallas, Texas)


Future-Sheriff Wynan marries Ellen. (Dallas, Texas)

November: Future-Sheriff Wynan marries Ellen. (Dallas, Texas)


Joseph Keenan becomes an ATF agent. (Dallas, Texas)


Thursday 23rd November: On Thanksgiving, Joseph Keenan's maternal grandmother's two Bloodhounds trail him around because he is an animal lover who never finishes his supper. Before he gets up from the table, he tosses them a turkey leg attached to a hunk of cartilage. They fight each other viciously over it. (Dallas, Texas)


Pastor Abin Cooper and the members of his Five Points Trinity Church stage their first of 432 funeral demonstrations. (Dallas, Texas)

Monday 10th September: The day before the 9/11 terrorist attacks that later lead to the Patriot Act.


Cheyenne's little sister is born. (Dallas, Texas)


In the middle of the year, it is reported that members of Five Points Trinity Church are seeking semi-automatic firearms before AWD expires. (Dallas, Texas)


December: Deputy Pete marries Darla. (Dallas, Texas)


Cheyenne's cousin's son is born. (Dallas, Texas)


April: Someone at Five Points Trinity Church reports an IED set up on church property. No injuries are sustained and minimal damage is done to a tree. In an interview with the local media, Pastor Cooper claims that if the bomb had gone off in a synagogue, black church or homo-friendly Unitarian coven, there would have been an uproar. (Dallas, Texas)

Sunday 31st October: ATF News Release from the Western Division Field Office says, "WESTERN DIVISION ARSON TASK FORCE RELEASES PHOTOS. SUSPECTS WANTED FOR QUESTIONING." (Dallas, Texas)

November: Three high school boys named Travis, Billy Ray, and Jared answer an online ad from a woman seeking wild sex and soon find themselves in the hands of some dangerous religious zealots of Pastor Abin Cooper's Five Points Trinity Church. (Dallas, Texas)

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