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Oliver is born. (Los Angeles, California)


Pete's mother and father Larry are born. (Los Angeles, California)


March: Larry's girlfriend wants to have an abortion but changes her mind after they have pizza. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 5th December: Debbie is born. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 9th December: Pete is born. (Los Angeles, California)


Thursday 5th December: Debbie is not born on this date. (Los Angeles, California)


Friday 5th December: Debbie is not born on this date. (Los Angeles, California)


Sunday 5th December: Debbie is not born on this date. (Los Angeles, California)


Graham Parker is in his prime.


Oliver leaves his wife. (Los Angeles, California)


Friday 24th April: Eastern doctor gets a certificate. (Los Angeles, California)

August: Debbie becomes pregnant with Sadie and gets stuck with Pete. (Los Angeles, California)


Oliver's son is born. (Los Angeles, California)

May: Pete and Debbie's first daughter Sadie is born. (Los Angeles, California)


Pete gets a $5,000 drawing of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. (Los Angeles, California)


Pete and Debbie's second daughter Charlotte is born. (Los Angeles, California)

September: Sadie and Joseph start going to school together. (Los Angeles, California)


Debbie sees her father Oliver for the last time before 2012. (Los Angeles, California)

Sunday 5th June: Pixies perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. (Morrison, Colorado)


Pete starts taking viagra. (Los Angeles, California)


Sunday 25th December: Ben Stone gives Pete cookiees made with marijuana. (Los Angeles, California)


Monday 26th November: Pete uses viagra to have sex with Debbie in the shower. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 27th November: Graham Parker & The Rumour perform. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 28th November: Graham Parker is interviewed by the Jewish Journal. (Los Angeles, California)

Thursday 29th November: Pete and Debbie see doctors. (Los Angeles, California)

Friday 30th November: Debbie tries giving Pete a blowjob but is interrupted by the yells of their daughters. Pete talks to his father Larry about his financial problems. Debbie meets her father Oliver at a restaurant. Debbie and Pete tell their daughters that they plan on eating healthier and taking away the Wi-fi. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 1st December: Pete talks to his father Larry about his financial problems. Debbie meets with her father Oliver at a restaurant. (Los Angeles, California)

Sunday 2nd December: Pete and Debbie go to a resort. (Los Angeles, California)

Monday 3rd December: Pete and Debbie return home and find Charlotte crying because of her ear infection. (Los Angeles, California)

Tuesday 4th December: Debbie sees that Pete has a hemroid. (Los Angeles, California)

Wednesday 5th December: Sadie's electronic devices are taken away. Ronnie tells Pete over the phone that only 612 copies of the new album by The Rumour. (Los Angeles, California)

Thursday 6th December: Debbie finds out that she is pregnant and yells at Joseph. Billie Joe Armstrong attends The Rumour concert. Pete wishes there were more people. (Los Angeles, California)

Friday 7th December: Debbie tries to have sex with Pete, who is not in the mood. Sadie says that Charlotte is gross. Charlotte writes an apology. (Los Angeles, California)

Saturday 8th December: Pete yells at Joseph's mother Catherine. Debbie finds out that Jodi had been stealing from the store. Pete, Debbie, and Catherine meet with Jill, the principal. (Los Angeles, California)

Sunday 9th December: Pete's birthday party. Pete gets injured while riding his bike. He and Debbie go to a Ryan Adams concert. (Los Angeles, California)

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