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Movie events on the 10th April


Unaware that the American Civil War has ended, a band of Confederate soldiers robs a Union Army payroll train. (Greenwood, Louisiana, USA) (Love Me Tender)


John Malone meets Blake who wants to buy half of the island to use as a leper colony for his people. (Antonio Island) (The Fog)


Carl Steelman, future FBI double agent who will be instrumental in bringing down a Nazi spy ring, is born to Julius and Henrietta Steelman. (Heidelberg, Germany) (They Came to Blow Up America)


RMS Titanic arrives at Cherbourg, France at 5:15 pm - among the passangers that come aboard is Margert Brown, later to be known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown". (Cherbourg, France) (Titanic)


Robert Benson is born. (Virginia) (The Day the Earth Stood Still)


While feigning a variety of illnesses in order to avoid drill, Pvt. George "Skeet" Burns meets his future wife, Nurse Norma Dale. (San Diego, CA) (Tell It to the Marines)


Stuart Sutcliffe, former bass guitarist for the pre-fame Beatles, dies suddenly of a brain haemorrhage in front of his girlfriend Astrid Kirchherr. (Hamberg, Germany) (Backbeat)


Lee Harvey Oswald assassinates Edwin Partridge. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)


Date of incriminating cashiers check written out to Kenneth H Dahlberg. (All the President's Men)

Charlie Chaplin accepts an honorary Academy Award for his "incalculable" contribution to the art of filmmaking. (Los Angeles, California) (Chaplin)

The U.S. table tennis team begins a weeklong visit to the People's Republic of China at the invitation of China's communist government. (Forrest Gump)


Josephine Bakes dies of a cerebral hemorrhage. (Paris, France) (The Josephine Baker Story)


Robert Baker's passport is issued. (Argo)


Robert Baker's passport expires. (Argo)


The National Tattler publishes Freddy Lounds' interview with Will Graham concerning The Tooth Fairy. (Chicago, IL) (Red Dragon)


HMS Devonshire is sunk of the coast of China. The British claim the ship was in international waters, while the Chinese say it had strayed into their territory. (South China Sea) (Tomorrow Never Dies)


Max's disappearance forces Mike to bring Abby along on his next shift, in which the animatronics befriend Abby and Mike discovers that the animatronics are possessed by the amnesiac ghosts of the missing children, whose leader consistently mentions a "yellow rabbit" (Five Nights at Freddy's)


Hostage crisis continues. (Gulf of Aden) (Captain Phillips)


Olive continues singing along to "Pocket Full of Sunshine". (Ojai, California) (Easy A)


Jim resolves the issues between him and Kara and hangs out with his friends at Dog Years. Stifler's mom gives Jim's dad a blowjob at a movie theater. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Reunion)


An article titled "NICA PIERCE RULED INSANE" is updated at 6:05 PM. (Cult of Chucky)

Laura Barns uploads a YouTube video (Fresno, California) (Unfriended)


A Replicant called LEON is incepted. (Blade Runner)


4 traffickers convicted in smuggling ring race; leader still at large. (Elysium)


The Gallic-Klingon Debating Society has a Wine Tasting of Spring Bottlings from Picard Vineyards, organized by Robt. Picard. (LaBarre, France) (Star Trek: Generations)

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