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Movie events on the 9th August


After battle, the winning French general agrees to allow the British leader, Col. Munro, to surrender the fort and march his English troops and settlers to another English fort. (Fort William Henry, upstate New York) (The Last of the Mohicans)


Ralph Houk is born. (Lawrence, Kansas) (61*)


London Bulletin headline: "NAZIS SINK TROOP SHIP." (London, England) (Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror)


Shingen Yashida survives an atomic bomb thanks to the Wolverine. (Nagaski, Japan) (The Wolverine)


Richard Nixon resigns; Gerald Ford sworn in. (All the President's Men)


Jake and Elwood Blues successfully pay the tax bill for the St Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage. (Chicago, IL) (The Blues Brothers)


A passport is issued to Robert Fischer. (Australia) (Inception)


MNU officers begin to issue eviction notices to the aliens in District 9. (Johannesburg, South Africa) (District 9)


Tanner Bolt says that his work with Nick is done. (Gone Girl)


Weyland Industries earns patent number 11,280,599 for Method and Apparatus for a device that enhances the capacity of an extraterrestrial planetary environment to support life; effectively the first fully-automated atmospheric processor. This patent is expected to make our founder (Prometheus)


Weyland Industries introduces revolutionary, game-changing language tool. It is the first ever to require no actual learning on the consumer (Prometheus)

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