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Amy is born. (New York City)


Kim is born. (New York City)


Gordon tells his daughters Amy and Kim that he and their mother are getting divorced and that monogamous relationships are bad. (New York City)


Donald is born. (New York City)


Aaron Connors' relationship with a woman ends. (New York City)


June: Steven breaks up with Amy for not being exclusive with him. Amy tries doing a report on Dr. Aaron Connors and ends up in a monogomous relationship with him. (New York City)

July: Over six weeks after Amy starts dating Aaron, her father Gordon dies. (New York City)

Tuesday 4th August: Dr. Aaron Connors receives an award. He and Amy get into an argument that deprives him of sleep. (New York City)

Wednesday 5th August: Amar'e Stoudemire refuses to let a sleepy Dr. Aaron Connors operate on his left knee. Amy breaks off the relationship with Aaron. She nearly has sex with Donald, punches him and is seen by his mother. (New York City)

Thursday 6th August: Amy is fired. (New York City)

Friday 7th August: Amar'e Stoudemire's rescheduled knee operation is a success. (New York City)

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