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Movie events on the 7th August


With Fuurinkazan banners in hand, the Takeda army departs from Kofucha with 18,000 men oraganized into 18 troops. (Kofucha, Japan) (Samurai Banners)


Bill McKechnie is born. (Wilkinsburg, PA) (The Babe)


American troups land in force on the beaches of Guadalcanal. For the first few hours, they experience no enemy resistence. Natives indicate that the Japanese troops retreated back into the hills. (Guadalcanal of the Solomon Islands) (Guadalcanal Diary)


Oliver Hardy dies. (North Hollywood, California) (Sunset)


The New York Times contains A.H. Weiler's negative review of North by Northwest. (Hitchcock)


Llewelyn Moss begins his first tour in Vietnam. (Vietnam) (No Country For Old Men)


The Blues Brothers pretend they're The Good Ol' Boys and perform at Bob's Country Bunker. (Joliet, IL) (The Blues Brothers)


Amy Winehouse has to go to rehab at 1 PM. (Disaster Movie)


The date of a newspaper article detailing the discovery of a dragon nest in Tibet (Reign of Fire)


Rick does not have sex with Leigh and decides that his wife is the only one for him. Fred finds out that Grace got in a car accident after giving Paige's aunt a fo job. Her son almost shoots Rick and Grace as they drive away. (Providence, Rhode Island) (Hall Pass)


Amar'e Stoudemire's rescheduled knee operation is a success. (New York City) (Trainwreck)


The Roebuck Drill Disaster occurs; A drilling station located in the Mariana Trench awakens a giant creature. The station is blown up in an attempt to kill it. A newspaper article titled, Two survivors rescued after drilling accident, is soon published (Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean) (Underwater)

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