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Movie history events from 2008

After high school, Ryan Grimm travels all over the world. (American Pie 5: The Naked Mile)

The board of trustees approves of Dwight's idea of co-ed bathrooms. (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (American Pie: Beta House)

Kate Holbrook goes to the Chaffee Bicknell agency to arrange for a surrogate mother; Angie Ostrowiski is chosen. (Philadelphia, PA) (Baby Mama)

Amy Squirrel has a manic episode. (Chicago, Illinois) (Bad Teacher)

Roger Lemke wins the "Two Diamonds" award for Brownstar Insurance. (Cedar Rapids)

Theo and Julian's baby dies in a global flu pandemic. (London) (Children of Men)

Klaatu arrives on Earth with his robot Gort and meets Dr. Helen Benson and her stepson Jacob. He saves the world from Gort. (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

Christine Brown starts dating Professor Clayton "Clay" Dalton. (Los Angeles, California) (Drag Me To Hell)

Whitney Miller and her friends are attacked by Jason Voorhees. Her brother Clay searches for her six weeks later. (Crystal Lake, New Jersey) (Friday the 13th)

Roger Waters plays Dark Side of the Moon at a corporate gig for Myspace. (Beverly Hills, California) (Funny People)

Sarah Silverman meets Kanye West during Barack Obama's presidential campaign. (Funny People)

Charlie Logan and Cam Wexler kiss and get their tongues stuck together. (Antarctica) (Good Luck Chuck)

Some time after the 4th of July weekend sale, Don Ready marries Ivy Selleck. They adopt Blake as their son. (Temecula, California) (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

John Hancock is reunited with Mary Embrey. (Hancock)

After Shelley Darlingson is tricked into leaving the Playboy mansion, she becomes the house mother for the Zeta Alpha Zeta sorority. (The House Bunny)

Sidney attends the Apollo Film Awards. (Los Angeles, California) (How to Lose Friends & Alienate People)

Hulk fights Abomination and wins (New York City) (The Incredible Hulk)

Iron Man battles the Iron Monger (new york city) (Iron Man)

S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury approaches Tony Stark about the Avenger Initiative. (Iron Man)

Aaron Fitzcaraldo gains a Laureate in Philosophy. (New York City) (It's Kind of a Funny Story)

Jason Voorhees is captured. (Jason X)

The Mystery Team to solve a double homicide. (Oakdale) (Mystery Team)

Chloe Mills takes her brother Henry to see the psychic and caterer Ashley, hoping to help him move on; Ashley and Henry fall for each other, which really annoys the ghost of his former fiancee Kate. (Over Her Dead Body)

Isaac Jones is murdered. (Conyer, Pennsylvania) (Prisoners)

The Punisher fights a disfigured criminal called Jigsaw. (New York City) (Punisher: War Zone)

James Bond stops Dominic Greene, leader of Quantum. (Quantum of Solace)

Danny and Wheeler have to spend 150 hours with Auggie and Ronnie. (Los Angeles, CA) (Role Models)

Wracked with guilt over the innocent deaths because of the car accident, Ben Thomas decides to help seven poeple before committing suicide. (California) (Seven Pounds)

Scorcher VI: Global Meltdown, which stars Tugg Speedman, is released in winter. (Tropic Thunder)

Satan's Alley, which stars Kirk Lazarus and Tobey Maguire, is released in fall. (Tropic Thunder)

The Fatties: Fart Two, starring Jeff Portnoy, is released in summer. (Tropic Thunder)

Tugg Speedman, Kik Lazarus, Jeff Portnoy, Alpa Chino, and Kevin Sandusky have problems filming Tropic Thunder when a gourp known as Flaming Dragon gets involved. (Vietnam) (Tropic Thunder)

Tugg Speedman isn't able to cry while filming a scene for Tropic Thunder. The film falls one month behind schedule after an explosion happens pre-maturely. (Quang Tri Province, Vietnam) (Tropic Thunder)

An assassination and kidnap attempt on US President Ashton is thwarted by Secret Service Agent Thomas Barnes. (Salamanca, Spain) (Vantage Point)

Ben and Zach search for Earthchild and Thunderstorm. (Without A Paddle: Nature's Calling)

The U.S. erects a 2,000 mile long wall along the Mexican border. Politicians maintain that the structure is a necessary measure for the prevention of illegal immigration. Others contend that the wall is a last-ditch effort to contain Mexico’s growing population of mutant rebels. (American-Mexican Border) (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

January: Jerry talks to Ethan on the phone for the last time. (USA) (Eagle Eye)

January: Jane Ellen Goode, wife of Frank Goode, dies (Everybody's Fine)

January: Alexis finds Tank on a date. After throwing wine at him and engaging in a play argument, the two of them kiss. (Boston, Massachusetts) (My Best Friend's Girl)

January: Dale Denton starts buying drugs from Saul Silver. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Tuesday 1st January: Stu Preissler spots 29 bird species, Kenny Bostick spots 31, and Brad Harris only spots 1. (The Big Year)

Tuesday 1st January: Fred spends New Years with his family and girlfriend Wanda. (Fred Claus)

Thursday 10th January: Herbert Miller is last seen in public. (Portland, Oregon) (Untraceable)

Saturday 12th January: Mike McAra, ghost writer to former British Prime Minister Adam Lang, is found dead, washed up on a beach. (Martha's Vineyard) (The Ghost Writer)

Tuesday 15th January: Herbert Miller bleeds to death, thanks to thousands of online viewers of the website. (Portland, Oregon) (Untraceable)

Wednesday 23rd January: Former British Prime Minister Adam Lang is accused of war crimes. His ghost writer moves from a hotel to Lang's house, which is surrounded by press and protesters. (Martha's Vineyard) (The Ghost Writer)

Wednesday 23rd January: FBI Agent Griffin Dowd is killed in a vat of sulphuric acid, thanks to keen viewers at the website. (Portland, Oregon) (Untraceable)

Wednesday 30th January: Ismael Cruz would have retired around this time. (Haddonfield, Illinois) (Halloween)

February: Corporate gets the numbers for the Shenaniganz that Dennis manages and then doesn't get his numbers for a few weeks after. (Still Waiting...)

Wednesday 13th February: Kenny Bostick and Stu Preissler spot Xantus's Hummingbird in an elderly woman's backyard, their 159th and 158th bird species spotted respectively. (Gibsons, British Columbia) (The Big Year)

Thursday 14th February: Kate Forster realises Alex Wyler was the man who died in her arms; Alex, having waited 2 years, turns up at the Lake House. (Chicago) (The Lake House)

Monday 18th February: Lisbeth Salander is sexually assaulted in the office of her new guardian, Nils E. Bjurman. (Stockholm, Sweden) (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)

Monday 18th February: Daily Sentinel Submission "DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE STALLS SCHOOL INVESTIGATION" is written by Jeffrey Johnson and later rejected. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)

Wednesday 20th February: Brad spots his 132nd bird species, a Western Tanager. (Joshua Tree, California) (The Big Year)

Thursday 21st February: Derek Frost is issued his driver's license in the "real world". (Cambry, Illinois) (Source Code)

Friday 22nd February: Brad, Stu, and Kenny meet each other on Annie Auklet's ship. (Coos Bay, Oregon) (The Big Year)

March: Robbie Klaven makes his dad Oswald an honorary gay. (Los Angeles, CA) (I Love You, Man)

March: Nick's girlfriend Tris dumps him on his birthday. (New Jersey) (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist)

Sunday 2nd March: A date on Jack McClane's file. (A Good Day to Die Hard)

Friday 7th March: Lisbeth Salander is sexually assaulted for a second time by Nils E. Bjurman. This time at his residence and it is way more brutal than the first time. However, Lisbeth is able to capture the assault on video. (Stockholm, Sweden) (The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest)

Friday 7th March: Dale visits Angie at her high school. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Friday 7th March: A date marked on Dennis' calendar. (Still Waiting...)

Saturday 8th March: Dale witnesses a murder caused by Ted Jones and Officer Carol Brazier. He and his drug dealer Saul Silver run away. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Sunday 9th March: Dale and Saul fight Red on his dead cat's birthday. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Sunday 9th March: Daylight Saving Time begins. (Still Waiting...)

Monday 10th March: Dale and Saul get in a car chase. Later, Dale, Saul, and Red fight drug lords at a pot grow house. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Tuesday 11th March: Dale, Saul, and Red eat breakfast at a restaurant. Saul's grandma drives them to the hospital. (Clark County) (Pineapple Express)

Tuesday 11th March: A vicious strain of rabies spreads throughout an apartment block, including two policemen, two firemen and a news crew. The authorities pretend that the building has been fully evacuated. (Los Angeles) (Quarantine)

Tuesday 11th March: A date marked on Dennis' calendar. (Still Waiting...)

Wednesday 12th March: Desmond Elden gets his Vericom picture taken. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)

Thursday 13th March: Dennis has a tax audit. (Still Waiting...)

Sunday 16th March: Palm Sunday (Still Waiting...)

Monday 17th March: Dennis' Shenaniganz is sold out on St. Patrick's Day. (Still Waiting...)

Thursday 20th March: Ben Campbell makes his first trip to Vegas casinos along with five fellow card-counters and his teacher Professor Micky Rosa. (Las Vegas) (21)

Thursday 20th March: Dennis tries to get Shenaniganz to make $9,000 so that he can become district manager. They only make $7,200 and he remains store manager. Regional Manager Dean Shoal comforts Dennis by telling him that he can learn from District Manager Dan's incompetence. Dennis is invited to a party with Shenaniganz employees and he spends the night having sex with Naomi. (Still Waiting...)

Friday 21st March: Ben's mom writes him a check worth $68,000. (21)

Friday 21st March: Good Friday (Still Waiting...)

Friday 21st March: Naomi wakes up in Dennis' bed. They have sex again. (Still Waiting...)

Monday 24th March: Easter Monday (Still Waiting...)

Wednesday 26th March: A court date on Dennis' calendar. (Still Waiting...)

April: Zeta House's "Spring Fever" calendar. (The House Bunny)

April: Peter Klaven befriends Sydney Fife. (Los Angeles, CA) (I Love You, Man)

Wednesday 2nd April: $210 deposited in the Stone Security Bank account of Katherine and Benjamin Mee. (Los Angeles, California) (We Bought a Zoo)

Thursday 3rd April: The Reaper virus is born, killing millions. (Scotland) (Doomsday)

Thursday 3rd April: The Reaper virus infects Scotland, and a wall is built to shut the country off from England. (Glasgow) (Doomsday)

Saturday 19th April: Fallout begins. (Gulf of Mexico) (The Big Year)

Saturday 19th April: Tris throws out Nick's mix-CD Road to Conclusion Vol. 12 and Norah Silverberg keeps it. The Jerk-Offs get a gig with Bishop Allen. (New Jersey) (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist)

Sunday 20th April: Nick & Norah meet when she asks him to be her date for 5 minutes. They spend the rest of the night trying to find out where their favorite band, Where's Fluffy, is playing a gig. (Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist)

Tuesday 22nd April: Fallout ends. (Texas) (The Big Year)

May: Zeta House's "The Graduate" calendar. (The House Bunny)

May: Robert Fishman is fired from his job and joins his nephew Matt's band A.D.D. for a gig at the prom. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

May: Bud Johnson shows up to work one day on time. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)

Thursday 1st May: Linda Litzke and Chad Feldheimer attempt to broker a deal to sell a CD with what they think is government information to the Russians. (Virginia) (Burn After Reading)

Saturday 3rd May: Grace Ann Bennett gets a passport. (Texas) (Monte Carlo)

Sunday 4th May: Pepper changes Tony Stark's new electronic 'heart'. He confesses to her that he has no one else but her. (USA) (Iron Man)

Tuesday 6th May: Kritofferson Silverfox lives with the Foxes when his father is ill. Mr. Fox and Kylie the oppossum. Mr. Fox tells Kylie his plan to steal from Boggis' chicken house. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Wednesday 7th May: Peter, Sydney, and Zooey go to a Rush concert. (Los Angeles, CA) (I Love You, Man)

Wednesday 14th May: Kenny and Brad make their flight to Attu after Stu misses it due to a meeting in New York. (Attu, Alaska) (The Big Year)

Friday 16th May: Criminal Miles Jackson gets his revenge on Detective Danny Fisher with a series of 12 rounds of a game. (12 Rounds)

Saturday 17th May: A new Vesuvius album is released. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Wednesday 21st May: Stu arrives and apologizes to Brad for not telling him he was doing a big year. (Attu, Alaska) (The Big Year)

Wednesday 21st May: Larry Zerner writes Story Submission titled "ANOTHER GANG FIGHT," which is later rejected. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)

Tuesday 27th May: Hannah boards a plane for Scotland. (New York) (Made of Honor)

Friday 30th May: Curtis writes a song called "Bitter". (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Saturday 31st May: An A.D.D. gig doesn't happen. (Fort Wayne, Indiana) (The Rocker)

June: Tracy Sterling breaks up with Erik to be with Trent. (East Great Falls, Michigan) (American Pie: Beta House)

June: After fifth grade ends, Garrett Tiara and a girl in his class do not talk to each other anymore. (Chicago, Illinois) (Bad Teacher)

June: Brad Harris on a 14,000 mile trip. (The Big Year)

June: Zeta House's "Prune In June" calendar. (The House Bunny)

June: A billing problem with the Winkhigh account occurs. (Killers)

June: A.D.D. is given the offer to record an album and do a midwestern tour. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

June: John Bennett starts dating Lori Collins. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Ted)

Monday 2nd June: A date on the Dow Jones Industrial Average graph. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Tuesday 3rd June: McLovin's ID expires. (Superbad)

Monday 9th June: A date on the Dow Jones Industrial Average graph. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Monday 16th June: A date on the Dow Jones Industrial Average graph. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Friday 20th June: Millions try to leave Scotland, but the military, and a 30ft fence, keep them in to isolate the deadly virus. (Scotland) (Doomsday)

Friday 20th June: There is a mass exodus to escape the wide-spreading Reaper virus. (Scotland) (Doomsday)

Sunday 22nd June: Jacob Moore, top propriety trader at Keller Zabel Investments, receives a check for $1,450,000. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Monday 23rd June: A date on the Dow Jones Industrial Average graph. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Wednesday 25th June: The headline "Deepak Chopra #1, Guru Pitka Still #2" appears in the Los Angeles Times. (Los Angeles, California) (The Love Guru)

Monday 30th June: Peter Klaven marries Zooey Rice, with Sydney Fife as the best man. (Los Angeles, CA) (I Love You, Man)

Monday 30th June: A date on the Dow Jones Industrial Average graph. (New York City) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

July: Brad has seen 56 bird species on his 14,000 mile trip across 21 states. (The Big Year)

July: Jerry starts going six months without a "boo" or a "bah". (USA) (Eagle Eye)

July: Zeta House's "Stars And Stripes" calendar. (The House Bunny)

July: A.D.D. tours and shoot a music video. (The Rocker)

Friday 4th July: Stu sits in a hotel room in his boxers. (The Big Year)

Friday 4th July: 71 of the 211 cars at Selleck Motors are sold on the first day of 4th of July weekend with the help of Don Ready and his team. (Temecula, California) (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

Saturday 5th July: 35 of the 140 cars left at Selleck Motors are sold. (Temecula, California) (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

Sunday 6th July: The last 105 cars at Selleck Motors are sold. Don Ready sells a Trans Am to Paxton Harding. (Temecula, California) (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

Tuesday 15th July: A.D.D.'s debut album is released. (The Rocker)

Thursday 17th July: Bank Boston is robbed. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)

Friday 25th July: A dog named Chelsea is taken to the Hotel For Dogs. (Central City) (Hotel for Dogs)

Wednesday 30th July: An article says, "Drug Bust Nets $115K in Euclid Street Home". (Super)

August: Fish quits A.D.D. (The Rocker)

Tuesday 5th August: Twin dogs named Viola and Sebastian are taken to the Hotel For Dogs. (Central City) (Hotel for Dogs)

Thursday 7th August: Amy Winehouse has to go to rehab at 1 PM. (Disaster Movie)

Monday 11th August: Amy Winehouse has to go to rehab at 2 PM. (Disaster Movie)

Wednesday 13th August: Brad spots a flamingo and gets mosquito bites around this time. (Everglades, Florida) (The Big Year)

Wednesday 20th August: Brad meets Ellie's boyfriend Darren. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Big Year)

Monday 25th August: Amy Winehouse's monthly teeth brush. (Disaster Movie)

Tuesday 26th August: Amy Winehouse has to go to rehab at 1 PM. (Disaster Movie)

Friday 29th August: Will and his friends try to stop the world from ending. (Disaster Movie)

September: While he's drunk, Wesley adopts a boy named Sung Lee. Harry Stifler drives Erik and Mike Coozeman to the University of Michigan. Bobby has sex with Margie on his first day. Erik, Bobby, Cooze, and Nick Anderson start doing the tasks listed on the pledge board. Rodney Dean decides not to leave a strip club called The Silver Dollar Room. (American Pie: Beta House)

September: Elizabeth Halsey works as a teacher at John Adams Middle School. (Chicago, Illinois) (Bad Teacher)

September: Stu's wife Edith gives him a pep talk. (The Big Year)

September: After none of his kids come home for the holidays, Frank Goode decides to go on a road trip to see them. (Everybody's Fine)

September: Zeta House's "Back To School" calendar. (The House Bunny)

September: Dave Lizewski becomes a superhero named Kick-Ass. (New York City, NY) (Kick-Ass)

September: Charlie and Duncan go to college. (Mystery Team)

September: Fish rejoins A.D.D. in time for a free arena show where they open for Vesuvius. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Monday 1st September: A date on U.S. Market Averages graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Monday 8th September: A date on U.S. Market Averages graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Monday 15th September: A date on U.S. Market Averages graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Monday 22nd September: A date on U.S. Market Averages graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Monday 29th September: A date on U.S. Market Averages graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

October: Erik ejaculates for the first time in four months... on Ashley's teddy bear, Mr. Biggles. Dwight has sex with the sex addict three times in a row and runs. Bull comes into the room and has sex with her. (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (American Pie: Beta House)

October: Burt and Verona conceive their baby. (Away We Go)

October: Zeta House's "The Witching Hour" calendar. (The House Bunny)

October: Kick-ass becomes popular. He meets Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. (New York City, NY) (Kick-Ass)

October: Wheeler's car's license plate expires. (Los Angeles, CA) (Role Models)

October: A date on a graph. (London, England) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Thursday 2nd October: Brad has spotted 715 birds by this time. Stu has spotted 707, but Brad lies to Kenny by saying it is 730. (Seattle, Washington) (The Big Year)

Friday 3rd October: All humans but one are blind by the white blindness. (Blindness)

Monday 6th October: A date on U.S. Market Average graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Thursday 9th October: The date of a newspaper article detailing the story of a boy surviving the explosion of a mine caused by the awakening of a large male dragon (London, England) (Reign of Fire)

Sunday 12th October: D. Chean writes "HOMICIDE RATE HIGHEST IN 20 YEARS", which is later rejected. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)

Monday 13th October: A date on U.S. Market Average graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Friday 17th October: El Cruzado De La Noche. (New York City, New York) (The Amazing Spider-Man)

Monday 20th October: A date on U.S. Market Average graph. (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Wednesday 29th October: Marjolaine Legault's driver's license is issued. (Gibson Valley, Illinois) (Source Code)

November: Erik, Ashley, Cooze, Bobby, and Nick play as a rock band at The State Theater. Bobby and Cooze get married. (American Pie: Beta House)

November: Brad and his father spot a great gray owl in the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. Jessica says that she does not want to be married to Kenny anymore. (The Big Year)

November: Tony Stark (Iron Man) and James "Rhodey" Rhodes (War Machine) fight Ivan Vanko (Whiplash). (New York City) (Iron Man 2)

November: Big Daddy is killed by Frank D'Amico's men. Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass team up. Kick-Ass fights Red Mist and kills Frank with a rocket launcher. (New York City, NY) (Kick-Ass)

November: Nancy Huff and Dr. Robert Doback get married. Their respective sons Dale and Brennan have to get jobs. (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)

November: Krista Coughlin gives birth to a daughter named Shyne. (Boston, Massachusetts) (The Town)

November: A date on a graph. (London, England) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

November: Zack and Miri attend their 10 Year High School Reunion, and decide to make a porno together. (Zack & Miri Make a Porno)

Tuesday 4th November: Barack H. Obama is elected as the 44th President of the United States of America. He is the first African-American to be elected to the office. (U.S.A., Nationwide) (By the People: The Election of Barack Obama)

Tuesday 4th November: Bud Johnson doesn't vote. His daughter Molly tries voting for him but an error accurrs when a plug is unplugged. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)

Wednesday 5th November: The media finds out that Bud Johnson has to vote in order to break a tie. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)

Thursday 6th November: Ten days before Bud Johnson has to vote. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)

Monday 10th November: A football game happens. (United States) (Swing Vote)

Tuesday 11th November: Bring Your Dad To School Day. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)

Saturday 15th November: A final debate is held. (United States) (Swing Vote)

Sunday 16th November: Bud Johnson votes for either Andrew Boone or Donald Greenleaf. (Texico, New Mexico) (Swing Vote)

Tuesday 25th November: Dr. Donald J. Blake's ID is issued. (New York) (Thor)

Wednesday 26th November: Amy begins work at the mall, and Paul Blart gets drunk for the first time. (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

Wednesday 26th November: Zack tells Delaney that his high school reunion is tomorrow. (Monroeville, Pennsylvania) (Zack & Miri Make a Porno)

Thursday 27th November: Annie Auklet helps Brad and Stu spot birds during a rainstorm on Thanksgiving. (Coos Bay, Oregon) (The Big Year)

Thursday 27th November: Paul Blart suffers his first hangover. (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

Thursday 27th November: Illias Kazantsakis, exercising his brother Zinos' power of attorney, signs over the Soul Kitchen property to Thomas Neumann in order to pay off his own gambling debt. (Hamburg, Germany) (Soul Kitchen)

Thursday 27th November: Zack and Miri attend their 10-year high school reunion and decide to make a porno to make money for rent. (Monroeville, Pennsylvania) (Zack & Miri Make a Porno)

Friday 28th November: Black Friday: The most afeared shopping day at malls, and also the day Paul Blart's mall is taken over by bank robbers. Also it's Amy's birthday. (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)

Friday 28th November: Delaney works at the coffee shop for Black Friday. (Monroeville, Pennsylvania) (Zack & Miri Make a Porno)

December: Erik, Cooze, Bobby, and Nick have finished the pledge board. GEEK House competes with BETA House in the Olympiad, where Noah Levenstein is the officiate. This results in a victory for BETA House. Rodney Dean returns. Erik has sex with Ashley while watching Creature from the Black Lagoon. Cooze receives female ejaculate from Denise. (Ann Arbor, Michigan) (American Pie: Beta House)

December: Zeta House's "Naughty Or Nice" calendar. (The House Bunny)

December: Brennan and Dale wreck Dr. Doback's boat. (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)

December: A date on a graph. (London, England) (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)

Saturday 6th December: Cousin Kritofferson lives with the Foxes when his father is ill. Mr. Fox and Kylie the oppossum. Mr. Fox tells Kylie his plan to steal from Boggis' chicken house. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Saturday 6th December: The new Infant Sorrow album African Child drops from #54 to #93 on Billboard 200. (Get Him to the Greek)

Sunday 7th December: Mr. Fox and Kylie steal from Boggis' chicken farm. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Monday 8th December: Mr. Fox and Kylie break into Bunce's refrigerated smokehouse. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Tuesday 9th December: Fox and Kylie break into Bean's secret cidar cellar. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Wednesday 10th December: The foxes are forced to dig when humans destroy their home after Mr. Fox, Kylie, and Kristofferson's break-in and Mr. Fox's tail getting shot off the night before. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Thursday 11th December: News reporters surround the destroyed Fox home. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Thursday 11th December: Gwen Herlihy's exhibition opens, as Dr Pincus tries to pass a message to her from her dead husband. (New York) (Ghost Town)

Saturday 13th December: Restauranteur Zinos Kazantsakis buys back the Soul Kitchen in a foreclosure auction for 200,015 euros. (Hamburg, Germany) (Soul Kitchen)

Sunday 14th December: Upset animals confront the Foxes. Mr. Fox uses his plan to take everything. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Monday 15th December: Bean's cider floods the animal refugee camp. Kristofferson is captured and then rescued. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Thursday 18th December: Kylie and the Foxes get food from Boggis, Bunce and Bean's International Supermarkets and Felicity reveals that she is pregnant again. (Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Monday 22nd December: Ronny has a relapse and gambles. (The Dilemma)

Wednesday 24th December: Kenny eats alone in a Chinese restaurant. (Duluth, Minnesota) (The Big Year)

Wednesday 24th December: Bad fog grounds all flights in the San Francisco area, meaning Kate and Brad don't get to fly to Fiji for Christmas. A local news crew captures this moment, and Kate and Brad head home to their families. (San Francisco) (Four Christmases)

Wednesday 24th December: Dale and Brennan roll Dr. Doback down the stairs as they sleepwalk. (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)

Thursday 25th December: Kate and Brad visit their four parents, all divorced, and go through four traumatic and yet somehow unfunny Christmases. (California) (Four Christmases)

Thursday 25th December: Nancy and Robert announce that they are getting a divorce. (Sacramento, CA) (Step Brothers)

Monday 29th December: Jeff Shaw spots a pink-footed goose. Stu refuses his company's offer. (The Big Year)

Tuesday 30th December: Stu helps Brad spot a pink-footed goose, which is his 741st bird species. (The Big Year)

Wednesday 31st December: Kenny Bostick spots his 755th bird species, a snowy owl, breaking his own big year record. (The Big Year)

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