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Movie events on the 21st May


Armand Hammer is born. (Manhattan, New York) (Chernobyl: The Final Warning)


Monty Stratton is born. (Wagner, Texas) (The Stratton Story)


Charles Lindbergh completes the first solo flight across the Atlantic. (Meet Me in St. Louis)


Clark Savage Jr probes his fathers death. (New York City) (Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze)


Walter E. Kurtz applies for a transfer. (Apocalypse Now)


On the eve of his fortieth birthday, Harvey Milk picks up Scott Smith in a subway station. (New York City, New York) (Milk)


Maximilien Dion is born. (Iowa) (Source Code)


Serial killer Carl Stargher suffers a psychotic breach just before the FBI storms his house & finds him catatonic. (California, USA) (The Cell)

FBI agents Peter Novak & Gordon Ramsey take the catatonic Carl Stargher to Dr Catherine Deane in hopes that she can use the NCTS to discover the location of Julia Hickson before she drowns. (California, USA) (The Cell)

Cafeteria man spills hot soup on Konrad's lap. (Night of the Living Dorks)


Matt Flamhaff helps Jenna Rink photograph Class of 2004 for Poise's new design. (New York City) (13 Going On 30)


Bartleby is rejected by Eastern Ohio State University. (Ohio) (Accepted)


Stu arrives and apologizes to Brad for not telling him he was doing a big year. (Attu, Alaska) (The Big Year)

Larry Zerner writes Story Submission titled "ANOTHER GANG FIGHT," which is later rejected. (Los Angeles, California) (The Green Hornet)


Tito Lopez of Dos Bros Tacos befriends a fast snail named Turbo. (San Fernando Valley, California) (Turbo)


John Connor leads an assault on a Skynet Research and Development Facility. (Los Angeles, California) (Terminator Salvation)


Jake tries to ride Pale. (Pandora) (Avatar)

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