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Walter E. Kurtz is born.


Benjamin L. Willard graduates West Point second in class. He completes basic training and advanced infantry training at Fort Gordon, Georgia.


Benjamin L. Willard is assigned to U.S. Sector Command, G-1 (Plans). (West Berlin, Germany)


By this time, Benjamin L. Willard is promoted to 1st Lt. (West Berlin, Germany)


Benjamin L. Willard goes to Harvard University. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)


Benjamin L. Willard obtains a master's degree after completing his thesis, The Philippines Insurrection: American Foreign Policy in Southeast Asia, 1898-1905. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)


After spending a year in U.S. Command and touring combat zones, Benjamin L. Willard requests a transfer to Intelligence, and he will be sent to the U.S. for special training. After getting married, he returns to active duty, debriefing and evaluating information from American agents returning from Northern missions. He is promoted captain. (Seoul, Korea)

Thursday 14th June: Benjamin L. Willard marries Janet Anderson. (Seoul, Korea)


Friday 24th January: At 2300 hours, Company A has the responsibility of manning that sector of the perimeter assigned to the 5th Special Forces Group.

Monday 9th March: Walter E. Kurtz sends a transfer request to Lyndon B. Johnson and The Joint Chiefs of Staff. He will be accepted to Banning, Georgia.

Thursday 21st May: Walter E. Kurtz applies for a transfer.

Saturday 23rd May: Walter E. Kurtz's transfer application is denied.

Friday 28th August: Walter E. Kurtz's transfer application is denied.

Wednesday 23rd September: Walter E. Kurtz's transfer application is denied.

Saturday 3rd October: Walter E. Kurtz's availability date.


March: Walter E. Kurtz successfully completes training in intelligence and psychological operations, counter-insurgency, and specialist course.

Monday 30th August: Colonel William E. Kurte writes a letter of appreciation to Benjamin L. Willard.


Tuesday 8th November: Walter E. Kurtz joins Special Forces and later returns to Vietnam.


Sunday 17th September: Walter E. Kurtz gets photographed.

Friday 22nd September: A Time magazine article about the war in Vietnam is published.

October: Walter E. Kurtz takes part in Operation Archangel.


Tuesday 16th April: An article about a negotiating team is published.

May: A negotiating team of West German and Iranian atomic-energy specialists meet.

Tuesday 18th June: Captain Willard assassinates a government tax collector. (Vietnam)

November: Kurtz orders assassination of three Vietnamese men and one woman. (Vietnam)

Monday 11th November: Walter E. Kurtz is photographed before he disappears. (Vietnam)

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