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Movie history events from 1966

Ray Finkle is born. (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

United Underworld, The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, and Catwoman plot to take over the world, but are stopped by Batman and Robin. (Gotham City) (Batman)

Dahlia is sent by Arab League to Beirut University. (Beirut, Lebanon) (Black Sunday)

Jenny Del Mar, the second daughter and final child of Ennis and Alma Del Mar, is born. (Riverton, Wyoming.) (Brokeback Mountain)

Bethany Sloane allows neighbour Bryan Johnson to urinate on her hand. (Dogma)

A medical team is shrunk down and injected into a dying man, to save his life. (L.A., Ca.) (Fantastic Voyage)

Stacy Hamilton is born. (Ridgemont, CA) (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

Freddy is arrested for the murders of 20 children; Kathryn Krueger is put into foster care, then later adoption. (Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare)

Jibby Newsome is born. (The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard)

Lenny Feder, Eric Lamonsoff, Kurt McKenzie, Marcus Higgins, and Rob Hilliard are born. (New England) (Grown Ups)

Lightning Bikes is established. (Grown Ups 2)

Tirler says about sloths, "A good-natured smile is forever on its lips." (Life of Pi)

Maurice Pitka, future love guru, is born. (America) (The Love Guru)

Mitch & Mickey perform 'A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow' on TV's 'Lee Aikman's Folk Hour'. (A Mighty Wind)

Lars Olfen, aged 16, meets country music mogul Irving Steinbloom outside a Folksmen concert, and is given a free ticket. (A Mighty Wind)

Lloyd Workman is born. (RoboCop)

Robert Fishman is born. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Rocker)

Xavier Chavez is born. (Saw II)

A man who one day dresses up as a rooster is born. (Seattle, Washington) (Say Anything...)

Andy Dufresne escapes Shawshank Prison. (The Shawshank Redemption)

McFelty's bar is founded. (Boston, Massachusetts) (Ted 2)

License plate number AF-5468 expires. (Newt, Texas) (Texas Chainsaw 3D)

Most of the Earth's population wiped out by a plague, after three decades of global warfare. (Things To Come)

Marti DiBergi attends his first Spinal Tap concert at the Electric Banana. (Greenwich Village, New York) (This is Spinal Tap)

Nuclear war between USA and Cuba; a time machine arrives to witness an air-raid. (The Time Machine)

George W Bush is arrested at college. (W.)

Dewey Cox begins experimenting with a new style of music and is compared to Bob Dylan. (Berkeley, California) (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)

Johnny Cash tries to quit drugs and alcohol. (Nashville) (Walk the Line)

Kristen investigates what happened to Alice. (North Bend, Oregon) (The Ward)

Robert Boucher leaves his 4-month pregnant wife Helen for a voodoo lady named Phyllis and changes his name to Roberto. Bobby is born later that year. (Louisiana) (The Waterboy)

Wednesday 27th April: Dresser's girlfriend joins The Five Heartbeats on their tour and the cover of the groups' first album has a white family on the cover instead of pictures of the band. (Macon, Georgia) (The Five Heartbeats)

Sunday 1st May: William Sean Carmichael is born. (Ottawa, Canada) (Unknown)

Monday 23rd May: Sakichi Sugita, associate of the powerful Tensei Coalition, is murdered in the streets of the Takeya District by two armed recruits under orders from yakuza family head Terukichi Ichioka. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers 5: Final Episode)

June: A young girl by the name of Diane Mercer gets haunted by a demon. An exorcism results in her dead. (Paranormal Activity)

June: His term of office expired, 2nd Chairman of the Tensei Coalition Akira Takeda is taken into custody on charges of smuggling and illegal possession of handguns only hours after passing the chairmanship to his handpicked successor, Managing Director Tamotsu Matsumura. (Hiroshima, Japan) (The Yakuza Papers 5: Final Episode)

Monday 6th June: Jojo Floss gets drunk for the last time, until her daughter is killed. (Moonlight Mile)

Monday 6th June: Damien Thorn, son of Satan, is born at 6:00am. (The Omen)

Tuesday 7th June: Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California. (The Reagans)

Wednesday 15th June: Carrie Bradshaw is born. (Sex and the City: The Movie)

Saturday 25th June: Andy/Adrian, son of Rosemary Woodhouse and Satan, is born, prompting one prominent Satanist to declare: "God is dead! Satan lives! The year is One!" (Possible alternate year for this event: 0001) (New York City) (Rosemary's Baby)

Friday 8th July: Mickey Mantle hits his 491st career home run. (Born on the Fourth of July)

Friday 8th July: James Bond is falsely murdered in the early hours. Later on the same day an article about it was published in the newspaper. (Hong Kong) (You Only Live Twice)

Tuesday 12th July: Duck & JT get into a fight onstage because JT keeps wearing Duck's shirt and using his toothbrush. (Howard Theatre Washington, D.C) (The Five Heartbeats)

Thursday 14th July: Eight student nurses are brutally murdered by Richard Speck at their group residence. (Chicago, Illinois) (Speck)

Tuesday 19th July: Frank Sinatra marries Mia Farrow. (Sinatra)

Saturday 30th July: England beat West Germany in the FIFA World Cup Final. (Wembley Stadium, London) (Sixty Six)

August: The Doors record "Light My Fire". (Hollywood, CA) (The Doors)

Thursday 4th August: Rikki Coleman is born. (New Orleans, Louisianna) (Runaway Jury)

Sunday 7th August: Llewelyn Moss begins his first tour in Vietnam. (Vietnam) (No Country For Old Men)

Thursday 18th August: Atomic satellite attack, George stops his time machine and speaks with David Filby's son James. (London) (The Time Machine)

Wednesday 24th August: The Doors begin recording their self-titled debut album. (Hollywood, CA) (The Doors)

Wednesday 31st August: The Doors finish recording their self-titled debut album. (Hollywood, CA) (The Doors)

Thursday 22nd September: Harriot Vanger disapears after a car crash on the bridge that links Hedeby island to the mainland. (Hedeby, Sweden) (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Sunday 30th October: The Zodiac Killer takes his first victim. (Zodiac)

Sunday 30th October: The Zodiac Killer takes his first victim. (Zodiac)

Tuesday 8th November: Walter E. Kurtz joins Special Forces and later returns to Vietnam. (Apocalypse Now)

December: Daniel Larusso is born. (Newark, New Jersey) (The Karate Kid)

Sunday 25th December: "Young" Carl's mother Charlotte visits the Radio Rock ship for Christmas. (North Sea, off the coast of Great Britain) (The Boat That Rocked)

Monday 26th December: "Young" Carl unexpectedly discovers who his father is. (North Sea, off the coast of Great Britain) (The Boat That Rocked)

Monday 26th December: Billy Brown is born. (Buffalo, NY) (Buffalo '66)

Monday 26th December: Billy Brown is born. (Buffalo, New York) (Buffalo '66)

Saturday 31st December: Radio Rock's last day as a legal pirate radio station. (North Sea, off the coast of Great Britain) (The Boat That Rocked)

Saturday 31st December: Deena Jones and The Dreams perform a special New Year's show at a Vegas hotel. (Dreamgirls)

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