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Jonas Singer is born.


Xavier Chavez is born.


Obi Tate is born.


Gus Colyard is born.


Amanda Young is born.


Addison Corday is born.


Laura Hunter is born.


Daniel Matthews, son of Eric Matthews, is born.


October: Adam doesn't make it to the photoshoot for an album by Scott Tibbs' band The Gods.


April: Daniel Matthews survives the Nerve Gas House with the help of Amanda Young. His father, Detective Eric Matthews, investigates and ends up being locked up in the bathroom from Saw, not knowing that Daniel is safe.

April: A snitch named Michael is killed by the Death Mask.

April: Obi kidnaps criminals and puts them in an abandoned house for Jigsaw. He ends up becoming part of the game.

April: Scott Tibbs films a documentary about Jigsaw. He hears the police announce that Eric Matthews has aided Jigsaw in escaping from the police and tries to see Daniel Matthewsin the hospital. Later he makes a trap and gets stuck in it.

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