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Monday 7th June: The Five Heartbeats meet their future manager, Jimmy Potter after an unsuccessful appearance at Little G's Monthly Talent Show. (New York, New York)


Wednesday 27th April: Dresser's girlfriend joins The Five Heartbeats on their tour and the cover of the groups' first album has a white family on the cover instead of pictures of the band. (Macon, Georgia)

Tuesday 12th July: Duck & JT get into a fight onstage because JT keeps wearing Duck's shirt and using his toothbrush. (Howard Theatre Washington, D.C)


Saturday 15th June: Eddie King is a no show for a performance and the rest of the group calls him on it the next day. (Uptown Theatre Philadelphia, PA)


Monday 4th September: The Five Heartbeats perform with Flash as their new lead singer and Eddie King makes an impromptu visit after the show. (Beacon Theatre New York City)

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