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Robert Fishman is born. (Cleveland, Ohio)


The band Vesuvius performs at the High Five Club.


Drummer Robert "Fish" Fishman is kicked out of Vesuvius after a gig at the Agora. (Cleveland, Ohio)


Kim Powell has to leave her band because she's pregnant. (Cleveland, Ohio)


Matt Gadman, Curtis Powell, and Amelia Stone are born. (Cleveland, Ohio)


1991 calls.


Curtis's dad leaves. (Cleveland, Ohio)


Matt builds a robot. (Cleveland, Ohio)


Fish stops calling Matt "Max". (Cleveland, Ohio)


May: Robert Fishman is fired from his job and joins his nephew Matt's band A.D.D. for a gig at the prom. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Saturday 17th May: A new Vesuvius album is released. (Cleveland, Ohio)

Friday 30th May: Curtis writes a song called "Bitter". (Cleveland, Ohio)

Saturday 31st May: An A.D.D. gig doesn't happen. (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

June: A.D.D. is given the offer to record an album and do a midwestern tour. (Cleveland, Ohio)

July: A.D.D. tours and shoot a music video.

Tuesday 15th July: A.D.D.'s debut album is released.

August: Fish quits A.D.D.

September: Fish rejoins A.D.D. in time for a free arena show where they open for Vesuvius. (Cleveland, Ohio)

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