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Thursday 2nd November: Mr. Miyagi's wife and son die due to complications during childbirth. (Manzanar, CA)


December: Daniel Larusso is born. (Newark, New Jersey)


September: Daniel Larusso and his mom move to LA and meet Mr. Miyagi, who teaches Daniel karate. (Reseda, Los Angeles, CA)

Wednesday 31st October: Mr. Miyagi defends Daniel against bullies. (Reseda, Los Angeles, CA)

November: Mr. Miyagi makes Daniel work around his house so that he can learn karate moves. (Reseda, Los Angeles, CA)

December: Daniel learns about Mr. Miyagi's past and goes out with Ali Mills. (Reseda, Los Angeles, CA)

Wednesday 19th December: Daniel Larusso beats John Kreese in a karate tournament. (Reseda, Los Angeles, CA)

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