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The United States decide to throw some weight around.


According to Mr. Hand, this is the year that the Platt Amendment is passed.


A big wave hits the coast. (California)


Ron Johnson is born. (Ridgemont, CA)


Linda Barrett is born. (Ridgemont, CA)


Mark Ratner is born. (Ridgemont, CA)


Stacy Hamilton is born. (Ridgemont, CA)


Jeff Spicoli starts getting stoned. (Ridgemont, CA)


Linda Barrett has sex for the first time. (Ridgemont, CA)


Brad Hamilton starts going out with Lisa. (Ridgemont, CA)

Charles Jefferson gets a car from alumni for playing football. (Ridgemont, CA)


During summer, Mark Ratner buys $40 worth of film from a girl at the photo mech and never talks to her again. (Ridgemont, CA)


September: Jeff Spicoli is late for Mr. Hand's U.S. history class on the first day of school. Stacy Hamilton loses her virginity to Ron Johnson at "The Point". Brad Hamilton helps Arnold get a job at All American Burger. (Ridgemont, CA)

November: While covering for Arnold, Brad is fired from All American Burger after threatening a costumer and using foul language. Ron calls Stacy for the last time. (Ridgemont, CA)

December: Mark "Rat" Ratner takes Stacy out on a date. (Ridgemont, CA)


Jeff Spicoli graduates from Ridgemont High. (San Diego, CA)

After high school, Mike Damone gets in trouble for scalping Ozzy Osbourne tickets and works at 7-Eleven. Rat and Stacy have a passionate love affair but still haven't gone all the way. Jeff Spicoli saves Brooke Shields from drowning and blows his reward money on hiring Van Halen to play at his borthday party. (Ridgemont, CA)

April: Stacy has sex with Mike Damone. (Ridgemont, CA)

May: Mr. Vargas takes his class on a field trip to a hospital. Spicoli sneaks on the trip. (Ridgemont, CA)

June: Mr. Hand goes to Spicoli's house to teach him history as payback for wasting 8 hours of class time over the school year. Damone apologizes to Ratner at the prom for having sex with Stacy. Brad stops a robber while working at Mi-T-Mart. (Ridgemont, CA)

Thursday 3rd June: Final exams take place at Ridgemont High. (Ridgemont, CA)

Saturday 12th June: Brad Hamilton becomes manager of Mi-T-Mart. (Ridgemont, CA)

September: Linda Barrett attends college in Riverside and lives with her abnormal psych proffessor. (Riverside, CA)

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