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Movie events on the 16th April


General Sir Henry Clinton is born. (Newfoundland, Canada) (The Pursuit of Happiness)


Bat Masterson fights the last gun battle of his life. (Dodge City) (Masterson of Kansas)


Charlie Chaplin is born. (Walworth, London, England) (Chaplin)


Eric Liddell is guest speaker at an athletics meeting. (East Weymss, Scotland) (Chariots of Fire)


The US strike back at the Japanese in the Dolittle raid. (Tokoyo) (Pearl Harbor)


Mob boss Patrice Saint-Clair born. (Geneva) (Taken)


An article about a negotiating team is published. (Apocalypse Now)

Edna Ferber dies. (New York City) (Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle)


Anthony Curtis and other members of the 1st Marine Recon Battalion have to retreat from a firefight with North Vietnamese troops and wait for airstrike in order to complete there mission. (Quang Tri Province, Vietnam) (Dead Presidents)


Julie Dywer is buried. Dante Hicks calls in sick that morning, and goes to visit Caitlin at Riverview hospital. (Clerks)


Dewey Cox performs. The footage would later be used in the biopic about Cox starring John C. Reilly. (San Francisco, California) (Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story)


A dirty bomb explodes in Los Angeles, contaminating the air, and forcing citizens such as Brad to seal their homes, even from their significant others, such as Lexi. (Los Angeles) (Right at Your Door)

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