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Movie history events from 1938

Lorraine Baines born. (Back to the Future Part II)

An alien takes on the form of a human and starts living on Earth under the name Mr. Wu. (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

John Kinsella marries. (Brooklyn, New York) (Field of Dreams)

Idgie Threadgoode goes on trial for the murder of Frank Bennet. (Valdosta, GA) (Fried Green Tomatoes)

Chauvet Cave in France is revealed to be an entrance to the Hollow Earth. Photos of the findings reveal Titan bones and a handprint from a member of Kong's species. (Chauvet Cave, France) (Godzilla vs. Kong)

Hitler acquires the Spear of Longinus that pierced the side of Jesus, increasing his power greatly, as it gives its holder invincibility (apparently). (Hellboy)

Indiana Jones travels to Venice to find his father, kidnapped by Nazis while searching for the Holy Grail. (Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade)

The American-Arab Oil Company is set up. (The Kingdom)

Clive Candy shoots a Red Deer. (Cairngorms) (The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp)

A woman begins a career in social services. (Moonrise Kingdom)

Gustavsberg and his wife go on an expedition and die. (Cairo, Egypt) (The Mummy's Hand)

Gustavsberg and his wife go on an expedition and die. (Cairo, Egypt) (The Mummy's Hand)

Team of archaeologists discover the tomb of pharaoh Ahkmenrah, his parents and Tablet (Egypt) (Night at the Museum)

Kit Walker, the 21st Phantom, finds Quill searching for one of the Skulls of Touganda. (Bengalla Island) (The Phantom)

A special jet-pack is created. (Los Angeles) (Rocketeer)

Hannibal Lecter born. (Lithuania) (The Silence of the Lambs)

Von Trapp Family escape Nazi's and flee to America and start barbershop quartet. (Austria) (The Sound of Music)

Alien invasion lands on Mars, before sending a test mission to Earth. (War of the Worlds)

Wednesday 23rd February: FBI investigator Ed Renard orders the German steamship Bismarck detained from leaving New York Harbor. He arrests suspected spy Hilda Kleinhauer and, after presenting her with coded messages found in her belongings, convinces her to cooperate by identifying her accomplices in the United States. (New York, New York) (Confessions of a Nazi Spy)

Friday 1st April: George McFly born. (Back to the Future Part II)

Sunday 1st May: A Grand Jury Inquiry commences for four of eighteen accused Nazi spies: Kurt Schneider, a two-time army deserter; Werner Renz, a private in the US Air Corps; Hilda Kleinhauer, a former beauty operator on the steamship Bismarck; and Max Helldorf, a technician at the Zenith Munitions Corporation of New Jersey. Things look up for the accused when the prosecution's star witness Johann Westphal, an airplane draftsman with Emerson Aircraft Co., disappears on the eve of the inquiry. (New York, New York) (Confessions of a Nazi Spy)

Saturday 21st May: Clark Savage Jr probes his fathers death. (New York City) (Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze)

June: A boy reads a Superman comic. (Superman)

Thursday 2nd June: Nancy Drew suspects her girls' school benefactor, Mrs. Eldridge, has been kidnapped after she and her father, Carson Drew, are shadowed by suspicious characters. Nancy, with the help of her pal Ted Nickerson, solves her first mystery by tracking a homing pigeon. (River Heights, USA) (Nancy Drew, Detective)

Sunday 17th July: Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan takes off on a flight that would finally win him a place in aviation history. (Brooklyn, New York) (The Flying Irishman)

Wednesday 20th July: Actress Dehlia Draycott born. (Los Angeles, CA) (Nancy Drew)

Sunday 24th July: Artie Shaw records "Begin the Beguine". (New York) (Second Chorus)

August: Peter Vadassy, an Austrian medical student living and working in France, is hauled in by the police while on holiday and accused of espionage. He is sent back to the Hotel Reserve to find out who might really be the spy. (South of France) (Hotel Reserve)

Wednesday 10th August: Sgt. Pepper leaves his musical instruments. (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band)

Monday 22nd August: Albert Grape born. (What's Eating Gilbert Grape)

Wednesday 24th August: Clark Gable reluctantly agrees to play Rhett Butler in David O. Selznick's "Gone with the Wind". (Gable and Lombard)

September: Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka Voldemort, starts first year at Hogwarts. (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Tuesday 27th September: Monty Stratton plays what will be his last Major League game. (Cleveland, Ohio) (The Stratton Story)

October: Alien Red Lectoids land in Grover's Mill, adopting the first name "John"; the event is passed off as a hoax radio drama, known as 'War of the Worlds'. (Grover's Mill, NJ) (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension)

Thursday 6th October: Hindenbug III docks with Empire State Building; Prof. Jorge Vargas goes missing. he is the 3rd scientist in as many months to disappear. (New York, NY) (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow)

Tuesday 6th December: A factory owner jumps from the window of room 1408 at The Dolphin Hotel. (New York) (1408)

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