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Friday 10th November: Child psychologist Catherine Deane is born.


Wednesday 4th November: Serial killer Carl Rudolph Stargher is born.


Billionaire Lucien Baines funds the 'neurological connectic transfer system', allowing the therapist to enter the patient's mind. (California, USA)


Serial killer Carl Stargher buys an albino German Shepherd pup, licenses it & names him Valentine. (Woodcrest, Ca.)


Monday 20th July: Carl Stargher's driver's license issued. (USA)

December: Using the Neurological Connectic Transfer System, Dr Catherine Deane begins therapy on Edward Baines. (California, USA)


Sunday 14th May: Carl Stargher kidnaps victim #7, Anne-Marie Vicksey, putting her in a glass cell & slowly flooding it over 40hrs. (California, USA)

Tuesday 16th May: Once Anne-Marie Vicksey has drowned, Carl Stargher takes her body to his home, bathes it in bleach & pleasures himself. (California, USA)

Wednesday 17th May: Carl Stargher dumps the body of Anne-Marie Vicksey under a bridge in 3 inches of water, where it would later be found by the FBI. (California, USA)

Thursday 18th May: Forensics finds a hair from an albino dog on the body of Anne-Marie Vicksey. The hair is used to link the killings to their perpetrator, Carl Stargher. (California, USA)

Saturday 20th May: Carl Stargher kidnaps victim #8, Julia Hickson, & places her in the cell. (California, USA)

Sunday 21st May: Serial killer Carl Stargher suffers a psychotic breach just before the FBI storms his house & finds him catatonic. (California, USA)

Sunday 21st May: FBI agents Peter Novak & Gordon Ramsey take the catatonic Carl Stargher to Dr Catherine Deane in hopes that she can use the NCTS to discover the location of Julia Hickson before she drowns. (California, USA)

Monday 22nd May: Agents Novak & Ramsey rescue Julia Hickson just before she drowns; Carl Stargher dies. (California, USA)

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