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Tuesday 21st May: Tito Lopez of Dos Bros Tacos befriends a fast snail named Turbo. (San Fernando Valley, California)

Wednesday 22nd May: Tito tries to get people to invest in Turbo. (San Fernando Valley, California)

Thursday 23rd May: Turbo is video-recorded as he races in front of people. (San Fernando Valley, California)

Friday 24th May: Newspaper headline: "THAT SNAIL IS FAST." (San Fernando Valley, California)

Saturday 25th May: Turbo gets ready for the Indy 500. (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Sunday 26th May: Turbo wins the Indy 500. (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Monday 27th May: Newspaper headline: "SNAIL WINS INDY 500."

September: Dos Bros Tacos truck license plate expires.

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