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Movie events on the 27th May


Noah, his family and the animals all leave the Ark. (Mount Ararat) (The Bible)


Jack Slade, Jr is hired by Joseph Ryan of the Pinkerton Agency to track and bring to justice the notorious "Wild Bunch". (St. Louis, Missouri) (The Return of Jack Slade)


Dashiell Hammett is born. (St. Mary's County, Maryland) (Julia)


Businessman C.B. Gaerste discovers is mistress, Red Andrews Legendre, has been carrying on under his nose behind his back with Albert the chauffeur. C.B. fires Albert and Red wires her husband Willie Legendre Jr. in Renwood, Ohio, that she wants to come home. (New York City, New York) (Red-Headed Woman)


Kenneth H. Dahlberg is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross . (All the President's Men)


Melvin Van Peebles' Watermelon Man is released. (Baadasssss!)


A burnt body is found possibly that of Aran Short. (Huron Ann Arbor, Michigan) (Taking Lives)


After this day, Stifler's PentaLax has to be discarded. (American Pie)


Oakland Athletics have won 23 games and lost 26 games by this time. (Moneyball)


The date Matt scheduled to have dinner with Jenna. Lucy finds out that Jenna helped boost Sparkle's sales and lies to Matt about her. (New York City) (13 Going On 30)


Evan, Seth, and Fogell watch internet porn, drink, go to a party thrown by Seth's parents, and go to a night club. (Superbad)

Becca goes to Dimitri's party. (Superbad)


Hannah boards a plane for Scotland. (New York) (Made of Honor)


Newspaper headline: "SNAIL WINS INDY 500." (Turbo)

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