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American League Baseball begins.


Steve Carlton plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.


1973 World Series takes place.


Bill James makes a mathematical platform for baseball.


David Justice is a big name around this time.


Wednesday 14th October: Oakland Athletics make it to ALCS elimination game.


Yankees start making $20,000,000


Chad Brad is a baseball pitcher.


Monday 15th October: American League Division Series Elimination Game: New York Yankees $114,457,768 vs $39,722,689 Oakland Athletes. Yankees lose. (Seattle, Washington)

Friday 2nd November: The 'Oakland A's trade Mark Bellhorn to the Chicago Cubs for Adam Morrissey.

Monday 5th November: Johnny Damon, Ron Gant, Jason Giambi, Gil Heredia, Jason Isringhausen and Greg Myers granted Free Agency by the Oakland Athletics.

Saturday 22nd December: The Oakland Athletics select Luis Lopez off waivers from the Toronto Blue Jays.


March: Oakland Athletics have Spring Training. (Oakland, California)

Monday 1st April: Opening Day. Oakland Athletics play against Texas Rangers. (Oakland, California)

Friday 3rd May: Jeremy Giambi is given to the Oakland Athletics.

Wednesday 22nd May: The Oakland Athletics trade Jeremy Giambi to the Philadelphia Phillies for John Mabry.

Thursday 23rd May: Oakland has won 20 games and lost 26 games by this time in American League West.

Monday 27th May: Oakland Athletics have won 23 games and lost 26 games by this time.

Thursday 6th June: Oakland Athletics have won 29 games and lost 30 games by this time.

Monday 10th June: Oakland Athletics have won 33 games and lost 30 games by this time.

Tuesday 18th June: Oakland Athletics have won 38 games and lost 31 games by this time.

July: David Justice would be lucky to hit his own weight.

Tuesday 30th July: The Oakland Athletics trade Marshall McDougall to the Cleveland Indians for Ricardo Rincon.

Wednesday 4th September: The Oakland Athletics win their twentieth consecutive game, setting a new American League record. (Oakland, California)

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