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Movie events on the 10th June


John Adams proposes a Continental Army. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) (The Rebels)


Count Leo Tolstoy sets off on a pilgrimage to a monastery disguised as a peasant. (Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father)


Judy Garland (born Frances Gumm) is born. (Grand Rapids, Minnesota) (Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows)


As a fulfillment of their "duty of resistence" to French colonialism, Mahmud and Fatiha are married in a secret ceremony under the authority of the FLN. (Algiers, Algeria) (The Battle of Algiers)


Adolph Zukor dies. (Los Angeles, California) (Will There Really Be a Morning?)


Chris McCandless sets out on a cross-country journey. (Into the Wild)

Liz Kline is born in 1986 Detroit michigan (Detroit ) (RoboCop)


Margaret Abbott Baldwin dies. (Sleepless in Seattle)


Thelma "Sister" Husband is killed when a tornado strikes. (Sequoia, OK) (Where The Heart Is)

A tornado rips through the town, killing Sister Husband and destroying the house she shared with Americus and Novalee Nation. (Sequoyah, Oklahoma) (Where The Heart Is)


John J. Gotti Jr dies of throat cancer. (Springfield, Missouri) (Gotti)

Oakland Athletics have won 33 games and lost 30 games by this time. (Moneyball)


A date marked on Costa's calendar. (Taking Lives)


Seth and Evan can't go to Jesse's graduation party. (Superbad)

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