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Movie events on the 25th May


Eukarya Appears (Ocean) (History of the World: Part I)


Lady Jane Grey marries Lord Guilford Dudley. (England) (Lady Jane)


Jonathan Harker is en route from England to Transylvania to meet with an eccentric Count to discuss real estate transactions. (Budapest) (Dracula)


The Detective License Bureau of the California State Board of Prison Directors issues Michael Shayne his detective license. (Sacramento, CA) (Michael Shayne, Private Detective)


Germany launches Operation Knight's Move, in an attempt to seize Yugoslav communist partisan leader Josep Broz Tito . (Drvar, Yugoslavia) (Ike: Countdown to D-Day)


John F. Kennedy delivers his "I Believe We Should Go To The Moon" speech. (Transformers: Dark of the Moon)


Life magazine headline: "CASSIUS CLAY Taunting the Defeated Sonny Liston in the First Round." (New York City, New York) (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)


Star Wars opens in theaters. (5-25-77)


Chris McCandless donates $24,000, his entire savings, to Oxfam. (Into the Wild)


Jay Leno's first episode as permanent host of "The Tonight Show". (The Late Shift)


Following the newly established global peace alliance, the United Nations creates the Earth Space Defense program (ESD) to serve as an early warning system and united global defense unit - appointing War of 1996 hero David Levinson as its director. In conjunction with this announcement, the ESD launches a worldwide publicity and recruitment campaign. (Independence Day: Resurgence)


Turbo gets ready for the Indy 500. (Indianapolis, Indiana) (Turbo)


Connor orders Resistance members not to attack Skynet Central. (Los Angeles Basin) (Terminator Salvation)

Marcus and John arrive at Skynet Central to rescue Kyle and Star. (San Francisco, California) (Terminator Salvation)

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