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Jake Sully's brother starts training to prepare for a mission on Pandora. (Earth)


Jake's brother is murdered. He's asked to take his brother's place on the mission to Pandora since they're so identical. (Earth)

28th July: Jake and some marines leave Earth to go to Pandora. (Earth)


19th May: Jake Sully arrives on Pandora and is shown his avatar for the first time. (Pandora)

20th May: Jake meets Neytiri, who takes him to her tribe. (Pandora)

21st May: Jake tries to ride Pale. (Pandora)

22nd May: Jake is taken to the Hallelujah Mountains. (Pandora)

30th May: Jake records a video log. (Pandora)

June: Jake continues learning the ways of the Na'vi. (Pandora)

29th June: Jake records a video log. (Pandora)

July: Dr. Grace Augustine uses her avatar to meet the tribe. (Pandora)

13th August: Jake Sully starts showing doubts about reporting in to his military boss about the habits of the Na'vi. (Pandora)

14th August: Jake earns his place among the Na'vi and mates with Neytiri. (Pandora)

15th August: The RDA destroys Hometree. (Pandora)

16th August: Grace dies. (Pandora)

17th August: 15 Na'vi clans made up of 2,000 people are united. (Pandora)

18th August: The military is defeated by the Na'vi, with Colonel Miles Quaritch shot by Neytiri's arrows. (Pandora)

24th August: Jake Sully ceases to be. Sort of. (Pandora)

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