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John Bennett is born. (Boston, Massachusetts)


The year Ted mentions when he makes fun of a fish.


Wednesday 25th December: John Bennett receives a teddy bear and wishes for him to be alive. (Boston, Massachusetts)

Thursday 26th December: Ted startles John's parents when they see that he is alive. (Boston, Massachusetts)


John and Ted shoot a squirrel with a BB gun. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Tuesday 11th September: Ted meets his drug dealer. (Boston, Massachusetts)


Ted meets Norah Jones and has sex with her. (Boston, Massachusetts)


June: John Bennett starts dating Lori Collins. (Boston, Massachusetts)


June: John Bennett and Lori Collins celebrate their 4th anniversary. (Boston, Massachusetts)

Sunday 1st July: John Bennett tries winning back Lori Collins at a Norah Jones concert. (Boston, Massachusetts)

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