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Sunday 18th July: Infant Sorrow concert at the Greek Theatre. (Los Angeles, CA)


Aldous Snow stops being sober.


Saturday 6th December: The new Infant Sorrow album African Child drops from #54 to #93 on Billboard 200.


June: Record company intern Aaron Green suggests to record company executive Sergio Roma that they bring Aldous Snow to the Greek Theatre for a 10th anniversary concert next month. (Los Angeles, CA)

Wednesday 15th July: Aaron picks up Aldous Snow. (London, England)

Thursday 16th July: Aldous Snow appears on The Today Show and performs "The Clap" instead of "African Child". (New York City, NY)

Friday 17th July: Aaron and Aldous visit Aldous' father. (Las Vegas, NV)

Saturday 18th July: Aaron Green brings Aldous Snow to the Greek Theatre and reconciles with his girlfriend. (Los Angeles, CA)

Sunday 19th July: Aaron and his girlfriend Daphne burn their bedsheets. (Los Angeles, CA)

Saturday 25th July: Justice Ball XIII Featuring DJ XM at 9:00 P.M. (Los Angeles, CA)

September: The month that Aldous originally thought the gig at the Greek would take place.


January: Aldous Snow, now six months sober, performs a new hit single. His producer Aaron Green is in the audience.

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