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Movie events on the 2nd March


Samuel Houston, the first president of the independent Republic of Texas, is born. (Rockbridge County, Virginia) (The Alamo)


Mrs. Nellie St. Clair ventures to the London Docks to retrieve a package at the Aberdeen Steamship Co. There she spies a man she thinks is her husband, Neville St. Clair, being assaulted in the upstairs window. She alerts the police who storm the room, finding only a deformed begger and numerous signs of suspected foul play. In her distress, Nellie fails to recognized her husband is actually disguised as the begger. It will take Sherlock Holmes to solve that mystery. (London, England) (The Man With the Twisted Lip)


7 MIB agents, an astronomer and a dumb kid who went down the wrong back road encounter aliens outside New York. (Men in Black)


Tricia Jones goes down on a guy and has sex with him indoors. (Leonardo, New Jersey) (Mallrats)


Doug Carlin is introduced to the time-window and Einstein-Rosen bridge that allows him to see four days and six hours into the past. (Algiers, New Orleans) (Deja Vu)


A date on Jack McClane's file. (A Good Day to Die Hard)


Penny awakens and goes back to her place. Dodge drinks and passes out in the park. (New York, New York) (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World)


Weyland Industries earns patent number 13,345,075 for Method and Apparatus for an add-on feature to Weyland Storm capable of compensating for composition, density, pressure and refractive index of any atmosphere. (Prometheus)

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