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Movie events on the 20th February


Lord Takeda Harunobu and Yamamoto Kansuke shave their heads and become monks; it took Kansuke three years to persuade Takeda to take holy orders; Takeda agrees in order to be reborn an even more powerful general; he takes the new name of Takeda Shingen. (Kai, Japan) (Samurai Banners)


Captain Warren of Booth Bay finds the only survivor of the Cook family, Libby, around this time. (Bangor, Maine) (Offspring)


William Wallace Lincoln dies from an illness caused by vampire Vadoma. (Washington, DC) (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)


Scarlett O'Hara Kennedy draws a check on the Atlanta National Bank for $300.00 paid to the order of the Tax Collector, Clayton Co., Ga. thus saving her plantation, Tara. (Clayton County, GA) (Gone with the Wind)


A newspaper article titled "MAN STILL MISSING" is published. It is about Jeremy Alex. (Machias, Maine) (Offspring)


Welsh poet Dylan Thomas arrives for his first reading tour of the United States. (New York) (Dylan Thomas: Return Journey)


Marty the zebra is born. (Madagascar)


Eduardo discovers the cease and disist letter around this time. (Cambridge, Massachusetts) (The Social Network)


Brad spots his 132nd bird species, a Western Tanager. (Joshua Tree, California) (The Big Year)


Shaun San Dena dies while banishing the Lamia from the seance. Rham Jas seals the cursed button in an envelope and tells Christine to get rid of the curse by giving the button to someone else as a gift. (Los Angeles, California) (Drag Me To Hell)

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