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Harvard University is founded. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)


Harvard University is not founded by John Harvard. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)


Tuesday 30th November: Lawrence Summers is born. (New Haven, Connecticut)


Peter Thiel is born. (Frankfurt, Germany)


Victoria's Secret company is founded by Roy Raymond. (Stanford, California)


Monday 3rd December: Sean Parker is born.


Friday 21st August: Cameron and Tyler Winlevoss are born. (Southampton, New York)


Roy Raymond sells Victoria's secret. (Stanford, California)

Thursday 18th March: Divya Narendra is born. (Bronx, New York)

Friday 19th March: Eduardo Saverin is born. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)


Saturday 26th November: Chris Hughes is born.


Monday 14th May: Mark Zuckerberg is born. (White Plains, New York)

Tuesday 22nd May: Dustin Moskovitz is born. (Washington D.C.)


Thursday 26th August: Roy Raymond commits suicide by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge. (San Francisco, California)


Napster is founded by Sean Parker.


Tuesday 28th October: Mark Zuckerberg launches, a Harvard University version of (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Tuesday 25th November: Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss meet Mark Zuckerberg in the dining hall of Kirkland House. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Sunday 30th November: Mark e-mails the Winklevosses and tells them that setting up the HarvardConnection site shouldn't take too long. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Monday 1st December: Mark e-mails the winklevosses and tells them that he has set up one of the two registration pages. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Thursday 4th December: Zuckerberg misses three calls from the Winlevosses because he works on a problem set. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Wednesday 10th December: Mark tells the Winklevosses that they should postpone a meeting until there is more to discuss. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Thursday 11th December: Mark is busy. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)


Sunday 11th January: Zuckerberg registers domain. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Wednesday 4th February: Mark Zuckerberg launches (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Friday 6th February: Narendra and the Winklevosses first learn of (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Tuesday 10th February: Narendra and the Winlevosses send a cease and disist letter to Zuckerberg. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Wednesday 18th February: "Facebook me" becomes a common expression around this time. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Friday 20th February: Eduardo discovers the cease and disist letter around this time. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Tuesday 13th April: Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Eduardo Saverin form LLC, a partnership. (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

June: Sean Parker finds out that Zuckerberg lives across the street from him and helps him with Facebook. (Palo Alto, California)

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