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Maggie is born.


Grace is born.


Saturday 25th March: Rick loses his virginity.


July: Paige is born. (Providence, Rhode Island)


Saturday 23rd July: Rick and Maggie Mills go to a presentation. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Sunday 24th July: Rick meets Leigh at a coffee shop. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Saturday 30th July: A conversation between Rick and Fred at Ed's house causes Maggie to give Rick a hall pass. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Sunday 31st July: Fred Searing masturbates in his car and is caught by cops. This incident causes his wife Grace to give him a hall pass. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Monday 1st August: Fred, Rick, Flats, and Hog Head eat a lot of meat at Applebee's. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Tuesday 2nd August: Gary Putney gives Fred and Rick brownies made with marijuana at a golf course. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Wednesday 3rd August: Fred and Rick's friends leave them since they are making no progress. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Thursday 4th August: Rick speaks to Leigh at the coffee shop. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Friday 5th August: Rick gets injured at the gym where Leigh works out. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Saturday 6th August: Coakley takes Fred and Rick to a party. (Providence, Rhode Island)

Sunday 7th August: Rick does not have sex with Leigh and decides that his wife is the only one for him. Fred finds out that Grace got in a car accident after giving Paige's aunt a fo job. Her son almost shoots Rick and Grace as they drive away. (Providence, Rhode Island)

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